Why My Husband Is My Best Friend

My husband is my best friend… and that’s saying a lot, because I have some really amazing friends in my life. And as much as I’m crazy about my other friends and appreciate all they bring to my life, it’s my husband, Mark, who’s my best friend.

So I was glad to read recently that marriages where the husband and wife consider each other their best friends have the highest levels of happiness. In fact, that partnership is even more important to a marriage than romantic love or physical passion.

Having said that, what if your husband is not your best friend? How can you become closer to him? Well, just like any friendship, it starts with spending time together. Try to do something fun — just the two of you, at least, once every couple of weeks. Then, in your day-to-day life, carve out just 15 minutes a day where you can sit and talk.

Here are 5 other things you can do so you can say, “My husband is my best friend.”

1. Pray for your husband.

There’s something about praying for someone that makes us care more about them. So spend just a few minutes every day asking God to care for and bless your husband. These 10 ways to pray for your husband are a great place to start.

2. Reinvent Date Night.

Having a date night with your husband is great but, for it to really draw you two closer, it needs the element of newness. So add an interesting angle with these 5 ways to reinvent date night.

3. Talk more.

Sure. We talk to our husband throughout the day, but it’s usually when we’re checking in about the kids, work or bills. So use these Marriage TALK Conversation Starters to go deeper and really connect.

4. Make sex a priority.

Making your husband your best friend will involve meeting his needs so that he knows you care about making him happy. So if you’ve been a little blasé in that area, look at these 4 things you can do when you’re not in the mood.

And since sex isn’t just about what happens in the bedroom, try to sprinkle some of these 41 Ways to Romance Your Husband throughout your day.

5. Focus on his good points.

If you’re bitter or resentful toward your husband, the bond of friendship is less likely to form. {Tweet This} So make a decision to focus on what’s good about your husband, instead of looking for the bad in him. Find something on this list of 99 Things You Might Be Thankful for About Your Husband and use it as a starting point.

(Here’s a study that talks about the benefits of having your husband as your best friend.)

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