“Why am I single and how can I fix it?”

I’ve been giving love advice for a while now. And the question I have heard most often is, “Why am I single? “. That’s why!

Depending on your situation, there are different possible answers. But, generally, staying single is mostly a matter of bad timing and bad luck.

That said, there are certain things that are in your power to change the game and stop locking yourself up for whole days by asking yourself: “But why am I single? What is wrong with me? (Don’t tell me it’s not true, I already did.)

1. Air yourself!

Don’t tell her again, but Candice is surely the most charming girl I know. It is rather well made and sensual at 1000%. But you will never see it with a guy (well, not for at least 2 years).

Why? Because after each day at work, she goes home, eats in front of the TV and … falls asleep.

Which wouldn’t be a problem for anyone if they were happy. But she is not and keeps telling anyone who wants to hear that she dreams of having a boyfriend.

Unfortunately, she lives, like some women, in the illusion that if love must fall on him, he will find her alone. FALSE!

The chances of meeting a man and finding love are still higher when you walk through the door of your house … So get out!

2. What about your friends?

In the family “I’m great, but… why am I single? I would like Sarah.

Unlike Candice (you know, the one who falls asleep in front of her TV), Sarah spends her life in a club. But when she goes out, she is always accompanied by her group of girlfriends or her gay best friend.

Do you really think it’s easy for a man to approach a girl as well surrounded as the Queen of England? No, a guy who has a little dignity fears public rakes.

So try to limit the number of friends who accompany you in a club. Two is ideal.

So they will have someone to talk to when you dance fiercely with your future Jules. Remember that men will only approach you if they feel you want to be.

3. Shyness is not a valid excuse

I know that shyness is a relatively heavy burden to bear. To tell the truth, I was a victim for a while. Where did it take me?

At the grocer’s on a Sunday evening, desperately alone, to buy a stock of chips. Not really transcendent, right?

Believe me, the biggest risk is not to take it. Obviously, I’m not asking you to rush your claws out on the first man to wave against him.

No, just start slowly. For example, smiling at this super cute guy who takes the elevator with you almost every morning.

Start with small wins and you will soon be ready to ask the waiter for his number without stuttering.

4. Do not fall into the trap of “He must love me for my personality”

As breathtaking as your inner beauty is, if it is well camouflaged inside a faded orange sweatshirt that is too big, your future Jules may miss out.

I’m not saying that you have to be a top model to get out of celibacy (otherwise Raymond Domenech would be very annoyed). But if a tight-fitting skirt, a nice cut, and a discreet make-up can put the odds on your side, why not?

Because I’m sorry to tell you, as long as you are not an Olsen sister, there is little chance that you will succeed in launching a fashion of the faded orange sweatshirt;)

5. Be wise? You have plenty of time for that. But after!

Sorry to be so direct but … “wisdom” is outdated and boring. Really.

Forget all the precepts as “reasonable” as boring: “do not mix job and feelings”, “wait until he takes the first step”, “do not sleep with a man before the sixteenth meeting” …

Life is too short to refuse the advances of a nice colleague (and hot), to wait for a shy man to dare to find the courage to approach you or to marinate an ultra-s**xy guy until the seventeenth date you.

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