Where to go for a first date?

Today, it is no longer as simple as before being original in choosing the location of the first meeting. To help you surprise the other and to score points, we give you some tips.

A tea room

The tea room is a quiet place, where the atmosphere is very calm. It is a place very suitable for discussion and seduction. Zen decoration, ambient music, proximity… Everything is there to have a good time and get closer. Of course, you still have to be careful to choose the place according to the personality and character of the person you invite. If the tea room is likely to please him, then go for it! But if you doubt, there are still other possibilities.

An original or fun activity

More and more new couples are formed during an original or fun activity. Surprise her or decide together where to meet for the first time. So choose to carry out an activity for two, whether it is fun (visit to a museum), sport (a tennis game) or even extreme (bungee jumping)! The latest trend in this area relates to the escape game. But take care to choose a room that allows parties for two. Also remember to set aside “break” times to discuss and exchange before, during, and after the activity. If your date is having fun, this is already a good sign.

A picnic

If the restaurant is to be banned for several reasons (we will come back to this), the picnic is an idea that often appeals. This meal surrounded by nature allows you to discover the great outdoors, and with great simplicity. Naturally, the time of year should be conducive to this kind of outdoor activity. If not, choose to discover a new cuisine for two. Have you never tasted sushi and your date either? Why not try this new experience together? Plan for a fallback solution just in case. But this little culinary adventure for two could very well bring together.


Rediscovering a city on a first date is a romantic and original idea. Suggest that you make visits to your own city or to a nearby city. You can take a few hours to tour the statutes, historic buildings, and museums of the city. This solution is ideal for taking the time to discuss everything and nothing, and to get to know each other. And this allows you to extend the appointment as long as you want. Do you both want to continue visiting? So take the opportunity to spend more time together! You can also surprise him: try to collect information on what would make your appointment happy and organize this outing (climb above the Eiffel Tower, for example).

Places to avoid for a first date

During a first meeting, certain places are to be avoided. They can send wrong messages, or cause negative impressions in the person you want to seduce. The restaurant is often the place chosen for a first meeting. Unfortunately, it can quickly make the other uncomfortable, especially with regard to paying the bill. A meeting in a cafe or bar is too classic. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd, it is better to find a more original idea like the ones mentioned above. Finally, a first appointment at home or at him (or at her) is a bad idea. It’s too rushed and it sends the wrong message. If you don’t find the perfect idea, ask a coach or a professional for advice!

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