What to Do When You’re Married to a Passive Man

If you’re the wife of a passive husband, you know that it can be frustrating. You want him to take more action! You want him to take more initiative! You want him to be the man!

Well, first, let’s differentiate between passivity and reserve. For example, my husband is on the quiet side. He’s not a wimp; he’s just reserved. Since I’m not, it’s very easy for me to jump in and take charge. And because he’s reserved, he often won’t get involved if I’m already on a roll. In cases like mine, I’m the one who needs to step back a bit and give him a chance to step up. So don’t confuse quietness with passiveness. {Tweet This}The next thing to think about is that reticence isn’t passivity; it’s just the way some men operate.

If your husband is truly passive, you might have to accept that that’s his personality, and he probably won’t change. But be sure to take a look at yourself and examine if your husband is really passive — or if you’re just a tiny bit overbearing. Or maybe he tries to step-up, but you criticize or correct him when he does.

So as a starting point, help him to man up by looking at these 10 Ways to Treat Your Husband Like a Man.

So what do you think? Do you think these ideas will work with your husband? Our friends at AllProDad.com shared their thoughts on being a passive husband. This is one of the comments they got:

This is hard to do in the marital situation mentioned, which usually involves a narcissistic controlling wife who is unwilling to recognize their role in the destruction of the husband’s ego and sense of self-worth.

Ouch! Hopefully, that’s not us, right?

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