What seduces a man ?

Seducing a man requires a few gestures and attitudes that will allow you to put all the chances on your side if you want to make him crack. Even though no two men are the same, here is a little unpretentious guide to getting into seduction mode.
An infallible trick

To find your man, all you have to do is look around… wherever you are! He’ll give you insistent glances, but he’ll avert his eyes if, by chance, your gaze crosses his. And if you look at him for a few seconds, he will seem uncomfortable, move uncomfortably. It never lies: this man who is watching you discreetly has the taste to know you.
Some facts about men and seduction
Man fears rejection

He has difficulty living with failure, without necessarily admitting it. Some will need the courage to approach you because they fear that you will refuse to talk to them… If he seems interested, and you are interested in him, approach him!
The man is more embarrassed than you think…

If you approach him, he’ll seem clumsy. It’s his discomfort that makes him act, or talk like that. If he’s using stereotypes, don’t blame him. Not all men are so quick-witted and quick to respond. Some will use “pre-chewed” phrases that may horrify you. Scratch off that nasty varnish and you may find a great partner.
The woman is sometimes “TOO much”.

If he lacks self-confidence (and this is the case for many men…), he will have difficulty approaching a pretty woman. He will probably think that you are in the “TOO much” category: too beautiful, too seductive, too playful… And he won’t dare to speak to you. This may also be a reason why very pretty women also find themselves alone more often than not.
No more whispering!

If you’re going out with girlfriends, avoid whispering. Wait until you’re alone (when you get home, for example) to discuss the man you’re attracted to because of those “low masses” act like a real snuffer. If you want to talk about him, do it in a normal voice… in his absence!
What men are looking for…
Love one another.

To be very attractive, a woman must first love herself, with her qualities, her faults, her “imperfections”. A woman who is at ease with herself, who is comfortable in her skin, exudes seduction, happiness. She attracts looks and “good guys”.
Detach yourself from your ex-girlfriends!

Just as women look for men who have dealt with their past, men feel threatened by those who have kept a close relationship with their ex(es). Without completely cutting off all ties, put a little distance between you and your former boyfriends.
Lighten up your makeup and perfume

Generally, men don’t like women with excessive makeup and perfume. Discreet make-up and perfume, adapted to your personality, will have more effect on men.
Feel at ease

When it comes to clothing, a golden rule always applies: wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and that benefit you. Overly provocative clothing can make men uncomfortable. What they notice is what you look like!
Keep it simple

The “girl next door” – the famous “girl next door” – is often popular. Much more than just the way you dress, your attitude will show your simplicity and joie de vivre.
Be yourself

It’s by being real and true that men notice you the most. They like women who take their place, talk with conviction and lead conversations as long as these behaviors are natural and not exaggerated.
Have a conversation…

Someone who has nothing to say isn’t interesting… for either a man or a woman. Be informed. Talk about things that will surprise the man in front of you. Intelligence is still a great asset in seducing these gentlemen.
Take an interest in him.

If there’s a miracle recipe, it’s this one: take an interest in him. Men love to be interested in what they do, in their hobbies, in their desires. However, if he only talks about himself, without taking an interest in you, you’ll have a good idea of what you have to do… run away!
Take a good look at him

After approaching the gentleman, observe him closely. If he seems to drink what you say, if he makes the same gestures as you do every few seconds, if he leans his upper body towards you, if he touches your arms, shoulders, a knee, the bottom of a thigh, you may have seduced him. Non-verbal communication is very important in these early exchanges.

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