What men like about women

Because I like to type keywords in my google bar, I discover lots of things. It is thanks to the internet now that I FINALLY know what men like about women. Here are the qualities that must be complied with to please all guys.

1. An attractive physique

In other words, be s**xy. Male desire arises largely from physical appearance. We will talk about the reptilian brain to explain it, I tend to think of advertising packaging.

Do you want to please men?

Take care of yourself: depilate, makeup, diet, wear lingerie, and damage your back with heels. Highlight yourself (by your beauty). In other words, comply.

Your appearance will be the first criteria for selecting a man. Both to love you and to present yourself. Normal, a beautiful woman is synonymous with social success. You can choose a lipstick to match the Mister convertible.

Are you shocked? Me too. All my Exs know my bra cap, none could quote the title of my last article. Like what, to please men, it is better to put half a salary in clothes rather than in books.

2. Self-confidence

In ten years, the first cause of sick leave will be depression. Most of them are not due to genetics but to disorders of self-esteem.

Everything that is rare is precious. If you trust yourself, you will be rare, therefore precious.

More seriously, self-confidence not only pleases but enables healthier relationships in the long term:

  • you don’t expect the other to save you, you live your story without pressure
  • your mourning in love is sweeter since it does not jeopardize your esteem
  • you are more likely to approach a man you like since rakes don’t impact you that much

Above all, you avoid emotional dependence. You savor YOUR feelings, giving Love to the author of your desire and your means. The other does not need to constantly reassure you about your worth, about HIS feelings. It can therefore to love true, for the pleasure of being in love with you.

3. Independence

Yes, yes, and yes. Independence is crucial in a relationship.

  • Financial independence allows you to manage your money the way you want.
  • Independence in your activities gives you time outside the couple, allowing you to find Jules with pleasure.
  • The attempt at independence in your ideas gives you the capacity to listen to the ideas of the other. And therefore, better communication.
  • Love independence (the ability to know that this guy is not EVERYTHING for us) lets you know how to keep the good of your stories and change the rest.

Independence admits stability, an ability to manage itself. It is logical that we expect this from the other, man or woman.

4. The multiplicity of faces

According to women’s magazines, men expect us to be multiple: mother, sister, confidante, lover, partner … That we are constantly renewing them allows them to be able to keep the same girl (since she is different every day).

This requirement has a limit: we can PLAY ROLES to comply with it. We will wear (societal) masks that will correspond to the Good Mother, wife, and lover. It will not be for us, but to please. So, without sincerity.

It is possible to be multiple by being authentic. It is a life experience. The more you will experience different situations, which go beyond what you already know, the more you will discover at home different behaviors, see surprising.

I discovered that talking with an Englishman gave me a hitherto unsuspected shyness. I blushed, that is to say. )

Paradoxically, our core (deep self) is confirmed, gains in confidence, therefore in coherence.

Hence the interest in varying our activities. (The lifestyle).

Finally, more than correspond to the clichés of the multitude of faces (n**tably v**rgin / sl**t), it is a question of opening one’s mind to other ways of living and behaving. This is what will make your wealth, your originality, and your plurality.

I think that deeply, this is what appeals to men: our ability to reinvent ourselves in different situations.

5. The sweetness

Gentleness pleases men. Why not? I am convinced that sweetness will save the world.

We could define it as an affectionate trust. We understand that our partners like to snuggle up there. And finally, a relationship (as it is) without sweetness, is it worth it?

What bothers me is that softness is associated with femininity. It is a quality that we can ALSO expect from men (it will not take anything away from their manhood). To say that ONLY women should be gentle is to leave them responsible for a whole aspect of the relationship: that of tenderness.

However, this affectionate confidence is not an intrinsic quality (one is not born with that). But a trait that we develop within a relationship. In other words, one cannot be gentle in oneself, but one can have a soft relationship with the other. And for that, this other in question must play the game, give way to sweetness.

It is the responsibility of the couple. It is up to the two protagonists to create it.

So YES for softness, NO for associating it with a specifically feminine trait.

But still… ?

In the end, men may like what they want… 

Do we want to match a Santa Claus list of the perfect woman?

The trap of wanting to conform to a feminine ideal is to find only men made for this ideal (or who tries to correspond to it) and not to be loved for SOI. Perhaps it is better to please far fewer men, but really please them, with what we are?

Of course, we can constantly improve. But improving does not mean being more perfect, but happier. And happy women make happy men fall in love. It’s still cooler, isn’t it?

What do you think men like about women?

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