What a Man Looks for in a Woman

There are many things that separate men from women, which is why it is sometimes so difficult to understand each other.

According to media reports, women don’t care what men want because they are concerned about their careers and their personal pleasure as liberated women.

And yet, in reality, women are still aware that they must take into account their partner’s expectations. And yes, a relationship is built with two…

What men want

The more we advance in time, the more men see their place reclassified. Women are making more and more careers in fields hitherto reserved for men, the media extol the merits of strong and virile but also sensitive guys, etc.

Between what is said and traditional mentalities, modern men sometimes do not know how to position themselves. Women may think that it is none of their business, that it is not their problem.

And yet, it would be good to try to understand the psychology of men to succeed in better understanding their needs.

1. Men love love

Do not be surprised, men love to love and love to be loved. Men, therefore, love happy and open women, they are more open to positive emotions of the “love” type than cold women who are empty of passion.

Men don’t like loneliness. They are always ready to meet girls and to the couple. They love being surrounded by girls so it’s never the wrong time to try to seduce a man.

2. Men are looking for a woman they like

Women often mistakenly believe that most men have strong ideas about the criteria of female beauty. In fact, they are very open and will always prefer a positive and good-looking girl to a 40kg cold liana.

A woman who assumes what she is, without being too provocative, it pleases. There is nothing worse than a withdrawn girl who spends her time complaining.

3. Men look for trusted women

They need to trust their girlfriend. They want to be sure that she will be there for them. Deception and other twisted blows are very much feared by the fairer sex.

The goal is not to be submissive either, but there is a difference between giving in to the advances of a sexy bartender and playing mysterious girls.

4. Men looking for a healthy woman

Men may try to appear detached, they also want to start a home. For that, they need a woman who takes care of herself, who is in good health, who plays sports, who stays clean, who avoids all that is drugs and cigarettes, etc.

A healthy and balanced woman is a good sign for them. And eventually, they know they can count on her to run a home and take care of children.

Afterward, if you decide to share the household chores, whatever, in the beginning, the man must feel that you are able to manage all this. It will reassure him.

5. Men love nice girls

Men see kind and feminine women as good mothers. It’s stronger than them and even if they don’t realize it matters a lot.

This goes hand in hand with the 4th point which is to be a healthy woman. And I would even add that femininity matters a lot. There is nothing sexy about drinking jugs of beer or wearing ultra-provocative outfits in public.

This kind of behavior will bring you blows of an evening but hardly men who want to the couple. And then the women who shout and speak loudly, it’s also part of the love killers.

Whereas on the contrary, a woman who knows how to be respected while remaining calm and dignified, it is very attractive.

6. Men love funny women

The sense of humor is very appreciated by the male gent. This is what gives a woman a human dimension. This establishes a bond.

To be full of humor is to be positive and joyful. It’s nice, it relaxes them, so they like it. Nothing to do with women who take the lead for details and who seem to be anything but cool.

Most women take everything seriously when the opposite is what attracts a man!

7. Men like positive women

To bounce back on the 6th point, men do not like complainers. They expect a woman to support them and not spend her time criticizing them. They want to be taken as they are.

They are upset when they see that their girlfriend is trying to transform them. If you want to change your boyfriend, you have to do it in a positive way.

Instead, say “and if you try that, you might like it” and not “you suck anyway since you’re not like X or Y”. Support is important.

8. Men like challenges

The more difficult a woman is to reach, the more attractive she is. So exit the provocateurs and other sticky girls.

If a man feels in the conquered ground, he will no longer want to hunt. And if you take that away from a man, he gets bored and may one day not wake up next to you.

Be mysterious and surprise him. He will be delighted.

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