Two Fun Family Games

Here are two fun family games that are good for lots of laughs.

Want to Buy a Donkey?

  1. You’ll need 5 or more people to play.
  2. Two people sit in the middle of a circle with the others around them.
  3. One of the people in the middle is the donkey, the other is the donkey’s owner.
  4. The owner chooses a prospective buyer (anyone except the donkey), and asks him “would you like to buy my donkey?”
  5. (The point of this game is for the owner to make the prospective buyer smile or laugh.)
  6. The prospective buyer answers “no”
  7. The owner says, “Are you sure? He can do really cool tricks.”
  8. The prospective buyer says “Like what?”
  9. The owner then has the donkey perform a trick – for example: act like a monkey, bark like a dog, do a dance, etc.
  10. If the prospective buyer doesn’t laugh, the owner chooses another buyer. If the buyer laughs, he becomes the donkey.

Crazy Questions and Answers

  1. You’ll need 3 or more people to play.
  2. Give every person 10 small slips of paper and a pencil.
  3. Have each person write a question on one slip, and the answer to the question on another slip of paper.
  4. Once everyone is finished, put all of the question slips in one bowl, and the answer slips in another.
  5. Now the fun begins! The first person grabs one question slip and reads it. Then, he reaches in the answer bowl and randomly pulls out an answer and reads it. More often than not, the question and answer don’t match, but, boy, are they funny!