Treasure Hunt Clues

The next time your kids come up to you and whine, “I’m bored!” We have two words for you – Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt. Download our new Treasure Hunt Clues printable. Of course, at the end of the hunt, you’ll need a “treasure.” Surprise them with a little something, or a scroll that says you’re going to try one of these 6 ideas for family fun or see a movie.


Cut out the numbered treasure hunt clues and have your children sit in one place where they can’t see you while you hide the clues in and around your house. If you can’t hide the clue inside an area, tape it there. To start your treasure hunt, hand your children the first clue. It will lead to the second clue and so on. (If your children need help, use the old “hot and cold” method of helping them to zero in on a clue.)

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treasure hunt clues



Tell us! What is your favorite part of a treasure hunt with your kids?

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