This type of women makes men happier (according to science)

Do you have generous shapes? Would not change a thing. Because you are beautiful as well but also because your curves would be the pledge of a lasting and fulfilling relationship, according to a recent Mexican study.

In case you still doubt the beauty of your voluptuous curves , the conclusions of this recent study conducted by the psychology department of the University of UNAM, in Mexico, should definitely make you feel good about yourself and proud of your figure as it is.

Indeed, while it was already known that women with a generous butt had a higher IQ , the researchers found that men married or in a couple with women with generous shapes were ten times happier than those in relationships with smaller women. A happiness that would also rub off on their partners. This is the Argentine newspaper Nuevo Diario that yielded first results of the research conducted by Dr. Filemón Alvarado and Edgardo Morales from the UNAM’s Department of Psychology.

The curves, a reassuring asset for men

What emerged from this study is that men smiled more when their half was plump and would also be better able to deal with conflicts within the couple and provide solutions. The question that arises is “why?”. Well, the researchers found during their study that a higher BMI in half of them made men feel that women were better able to anticipate and meet their needs. Whether it is true or not, in any case, it plays on the feeling of well-being of these gentlemen within their union. So let’s not upset them and rather enjoy a nice ice cream head to head to keep their happiness intact.

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