This is what the shape of your nose reveals about your personality! Me, that fits perfectly … And you?

The shape of your nose reveals a lot about your personality and your character!
Ladies and gentlemen, this may sound strange, but know that it is true! Yes, you’re right – the shape of your nose can say a lot about your personality. The famous professor Abraham Tamir, of Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, confirmed it in a study and the results were published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

Take a look at the article below and find out more about it:


The main characteristic of the Nubian nose is the length. Other features of this type of nose include a straight bridge and a broad point pointing down. People who have this type of nose are curious. They are optimistic, positive and open to the needs of others. In general, their friendship is appreciated. They are problem-centered and always looking for a solution.


This type of nose takes its name from ancient Greek sculptures, most of which have this form of the nose. The most important features include a narrow length and straightness. People with this form of the nose are very shy and refrain from being the center of attention. They are practical and reliable, but they sometimes have difficulty expressing their emotions, which can cause a problem in their professional and personal relationships.


Curved from the base of the nose bone to the tip, this form of nose is often compared to a bird’s beak. People who have a crooked nose are intelligent and altruistic. They fervently fight for what they believe in and do not hesitate to take risks to achieve their goals.



Although similar to the bird’s nose, the concave nose has a much sharper tip. People who have this form of nose have a strong mind. They are dedicated in their work and possess great organizational skills.


The turned-up nose is very short, its tip is neither round nor flat. Often straightforward and straightforward, people with this type of nose may seem abrupt at first glance. Yet it is actually adorable people. They are extremely lively, sometimes difficult to follow for others. They like to go through with their projects and ideas.


This form of nose is typical of Asians. Straight and slightly flatter than the other forms, the right nose is marked by wide nostrils and a rounded tip. These people have strong character. By cons, they are passionate and capricious. Do not tempt their patience because they can be really angry.


The concave nose is often considered the perfect nose. Slightly hollowed in the middle, the tip is very slightly forward. This type of nose often reveals a great sensitivity and a certain kindness of soul. These people are ready to help others and are known to have a heart on their hands.

Be careful though, they are fragile people! And you must be careful not to hurt them because of their great empathy it is easy to hurt them.


The twisted nose is perhaps not very elegant, it can confer a certain charm! It may be naturally crooked or it may depend on shocks. Those who have this type of nose naturally are charismatic and have a loving, well-tempered personality. They are best friends, often loyal and enthusiastic. People who have a crooked nose are always dedicated to what they do. In addition, they are very realistic. So, do you think it fits? Me anyway, I think it’s pretty true for my case! And you?