The Words We Never Say To Those We Love

We all have this person in our life to whom we wish we could say something. You want to tell this person everything you remembered, you never had the opportunity to say it and you were afraid to say it.

Some of the things you want to tell them are life-changing. They could change the way they see things or your relationship status, or break the relationship you already have with them.

Sometimes you lie down in your bed and think about how you would tell this person everything you did not say. Do you want to say it in a loud voice? Do you want to say it in a low voice? Would you smile when you say it? All of these things are spinning in your head.

You don’t just think about how you would tell them these things, you will also think about what the answer might be. Will it be positive? Will it be negative? Will they agree with what you said? Did they want to tell you the same thing?

You plan all of the things you want to say to that person, but you don’t. You want to have the courage to do it. Sometimes things in our life prevent us from saying what we want to say to someone.

The things that hold us back are often our circumstances. It is difficult to say what we mean, because if we say it, our situation may fade. Worse still, our lives can be destroyed. Leaving us hopeless, angry, angry, upset and frustrated.

We don’t say what we mean because we know how it can have a negative impact on our lives. So you never end up saying them. You end up regretting never having said these things.

When you regret, you often question yourself. You think about the idea of ​​telling them and how it could have been different for you. You will think about it all the time and it will drive you crazy. It will take you a while to forget this person or whatever you wanted to say. It will take you time to heal.

Remember, if you have something to say, just say it. Just say it. Be proud and tell that person. Look them in the eye and tell the person how you feel, otherwise you may regret it all your life. Then you will feel empty, pathetic and dumb.

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