The craziest things you did for love

I asked you some time ago, what were the craziest things you did for love! Many of you answered me and I thank you! I couldn’t keep everything, I made a selection of the things that seemed really crazy to me! I hope that pleases you! So here are the craziest things you did for love:

The craziest things you did for love

1 / Just to see him for a few hours: Sonia – 26 years old

I took a return ticket Paris-London the same day just to be able to see it for a few hours.

2 / I left everything when I had only seen him once: Camille – 29 years old

I returned to my Paris apartment, left my job, and took a simple plane ticket to join him in Guadeloupe to live with him when we had only seen each other once. I don’t know how to explain it, I knew he was the right one.

3 / Money and a blockage: Vincent – 33 years old

I made a big bank transfer to help her when we weren’t even together anymore. A week later, I had no news.

4 / His friends: Laetitia – 31 years old

I agreed to live in collocation with 5 friends of mine for 2 years

5 / An unforgettable military mission: Sébastien – 28 years old

I wrote her a letter a day for three months. Indeed, before going on a military mission for 3 months, I decided to write him a letter a day. The day I left, I gave them to him. So every day, she felt like she was with me a bit.

6 / Forgiveness: Christelle – 38 years old

I forgave and tried to resume our couple life after he left to live with his mistress.

7 / A new language: Clément – 27 years old

I learned to speak Russian. Yes Yes! My darling being Russian, I took two years of an intensive course, today I hold almost any conversation in Russian!

8 / Sell the most expensive: Charlotte – 25 years old

I sold my vinyl collection and asked my friends to lend me money to take a plane ticket to Canada to join him when he was in Erasmus. (Nice bullshit by the way because when I arrived there by surprise, I discovered that he had met someone else!)

9 / Sleep on a doormat: Ludovic – 29 years old

One day when we got angry, I got so sick to my heart that I couldn’t bring myself to leave. So I slept on his doormat. I think it was good for me because when I opened the door the next day, she hugged me crying and everything was forgotten. Today, we still laugh at this story!

10 / Treasure hunt: Taninha, 30 years old (21 years old at the time of the surprise)

I created a treasure hunt, in his building with post-it notes on the stairs… He had to go through the manager of the brewery downstairs, and join me in a restaurant in the end. I carried myself around with a cardboard sign, writing on it: I love you. I landed in front of his job to wait for him. He then kept the sign in his room as a souvenir!

11 / Braving the ban: Sylvain – 34 years old (16 years old at the time)

I stole a car, crossed a border and drove 900km without a license at 16 to find him

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