the compliments that women love to hear

Compliments are good, they also allow you to break the routine, to express your love … Women, just like men, need it. It is one of the five languages ​​of love. Be careful, the compliments must be sincere, out of the heart and out of the ordinary, do not use the techniques seen and reviewed by dredgers of the metro 

Compliments on the physique:

  • Your beauty dazzles my eyes, it is so big!
  • Your skin is so soft, I have the sensation of caressing silk…
  • You really don’t need makeup my dear ( Sure? )
  • You have appetizing lips with the little taste of apricot … I like when mine rest on your little flesh cushions.
  • You always smell good, even in the morning, it’s crazy! ( Really? )
  • You still have your little pink cheeks, two little love apples in which I would like to bite.
  • The most beautiful language in the world is the one your eyes use to say “I love you”
  • Your body is the most beautiful and sensual I have ever seen!
  • Every time you smile, I crack!
  • Every morning, I smell your smell of hot bread in the bed, it gives me an irresistible desire to devour you

Compliments on style

  • No matter what you put on each morning, everything is fine… A trash bag would make you beautiful!
  • I like your assured approach.
  • Again tonight, we only see you.
  • I love the little knots you put in your hair
  • Tonight there are a lot of pretty women, what differentiates you from her is your presence and your charisma.

Compliments on personality

  • I really admire the way you always fight to the end
  • I never get bored with you.
  • You make me laugh.
  • You inspire me.
  • I could never replace you.
  • You have repainted my life with colors that were previously unknown to me!
  • You light up my scary Sundays 
  • You are a thousand times more original than a unicorn, I’m lucky 
  • You are the champagne that sparkles my life.

Compliments to movie actors

  • You have beautiful eyes, you know.  – Mist quay
  • I like your hair, I like your eyebrows … I like your small intestine, I even like your rakes! – 99 Francs
  •  I never thought I would feel that, you know. I’m going crazy, I want to throw myself from the top of every building in New York. I see a taxi and I want to throw myself under its wheels because that way, I will stop thinking about you. – Hitch
  • Iris, if you were a melody, I would only play good notes.  -The Holiday
  • The only time I’m not cold is when I think of you…   –  Pearl Harbor
  • I could die now. I’m just… happy. I have never felt before. I am precisely where I want to be. –  Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • How would I have known that you were made the size of my body itself?  –  Hiroshima my love

The loving compliments of poets and other writers

We can dream everything, you go beyond the dream. »Victor Hugo

I have never felt so good, so close to complete happiness, everything begins and ends with you, you! You! you !!!! Edith Piaf

The day your gaze met my gaze for the first time, a ray went from your heart to mine, like the dawn at a ruin.   Victor Hugo

keep me in a little secret corner of your heart and go down there in your days of sadness to find comfort or encouragement. George Sand

The curve of your eyes goes around my heart.   Paul Eluard

Your whole person is so good, so beautiful, and so sweet to breathe! Baudelaire

It was from you that I said yes to the world.   Paul Eluard

you cannot prevent my spirit from wandering around your arms, your beautiful hands, your eyes where your whole life resides, of all your adorable carnal person, no, I know you cannot; but be quiet, you are for me an object of worship and it is impossible for me to defile you; I will always see you as radiant as before.  Baudelaire

And my life for your eyes is slowly poisoned.  Guillaume Apollinaire

I like you so much that when you happen to be not pretty, I find you beautiful.   Sacha Guitry

  And I love you with such a delightfully pure shiver that every time I imagine your smile, your voice, your tender and mocking look it seems to me that, should I never see you again in person, your dear appearance linked to my brain henceforth will accompany me constantly. Guillaume Apollinaire

Your eyes are so deep that I lose my memory.   Louis Aragon

If one day I die and someone opens my heart, we can read in gold letters … I still love you.  William Shakespeare

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