The celebrations surrounding the big day!

A wedding is a unifying event. It allows family members and friends to get to know each other better. This is why, when planning your wedding, you will be in good company with your loved ones many times over! Whether you organize discreet, traditional or fashionable celebrations, a grand event like this is welcomed by all and should be celebrated with pleasure!

After the wedding proposal, the engagement celebration, not to mention the wedding reception, here are the top 5 parties surrounding the “Yes, I do”! ». You orchestrate them as you see fit while respecting your tastes, desires, wedding etiquette and appropriate family traditions!
One month before the wedding…
“Wedding shower, bachelorette party or bachelorette party…

This party is created for the bride-to-be and is often offered as a surprise party: a snack is offered, the premises are decorated with care, fun games are organized and the guests offer her gifts (lingerie, household stuff, etc.). This sometimes ends (a tradition still as popular as ever…) with the unexpected visit of a male representative dressed very lightly, as well as with a tour of the bars, during which the bride-to-be is dressed in a stunning and easily recognizable way…

Perhaps the bride-to-be would prefer a small evening with friends, with a good glass of wine or a relaxing session at the spa? Think about what would please her and you will be very creative!

This party is the bride-to-be’s last night as a bachelor. It is often organized by her bridesmaids in collaboration with her mother. The guests are part of the bride’s inner circle.
“Bachelor party or bachelor party

Surprise evening dedicated to the groom-to-be, where food and alcoholic beverages are in abundance… Without forgetting the same traditional entertainment: a surprise visit of the female gentleman dressed very lightly… You can spice up this event with a day of “paintball” (very trendy). For the pleasure of being among “guys”!

Just like for the bride, this party is the last night of celibacy, organized by the groom’s groomsmen with the participation of the men who are part of the groom’s intimate circle.
Note for both parties…

Ideally, organize the parties on the same day to surprise the bride and groom. You can also plan a single party to create a mixed party. In this case, it’s mostly to meet the wishes of the bride and groom who don’t want a conventional evening.

The best time to hold these celebrations is one month before the big day. Especially if the evenings will be very rainy. On the other hand, if you are having a “destination wedding” and you are waiting for the guests to arrive, be vigilant; you don’t want them to be on the “day after” on the wedding day!
One or two days before the wedding…
Rehearsal dinner (“Rehearsal dinner”)

In the past, according to wedding etiquette, the bride’s parents paid the total wedding expenses and the groom’s parents paid for the rehearsal dinner. Nowadays, it is left to the discretion of the groom’s parents, otherwise, the bride and groom take care of orchestrating it.

The purpose of this small family reunion is very specific: to bring together the people involved to discuss the big day ahead. Dinner is held following the rehearsal of the ceremony (which is strongly suggested).

The people invited are :

This is the perfect opportunity for future spouses to thank those involved and to give them gifts as a token of their appreciation.
Bridal luncheon for girls and activities for men

To free yourself for a while from confirmation calls, the last details involving wedding speakers and the last errands to be done, it is very much appreciated to take a little health break by spending time with the members of the bridal procession.

Allowing the bride to gather with her bridesmaids for dinner is a tradition, not an obligation. During this time, the groom and his groomsmen and groomsmen practice a relaxing activity, such as a good round of golf.
The big day suites…
Brunch of the next day

Resplendent with happiness, seated around a table enjoying a succulent brunch, the bride and groom appreciate, the morning after the wedding, to be in good company with immediate family and close friends to discuss the previous day’s event…

Just before leaving for your