The 8 surprising benefits of holding hands

Joy, well-being, security, serenity … A small gesture as banal as holding hands can bring us much more than simply telling the other that we care about him or saying “hello”.

1- Fight stress

Did you know that the contact of another hand in yours would have the gift of decreasing the level of cortisol, the stress hormone? Indeed, most of our nerve endings being located in our hands and fingers , a light pressure is enough to reduce our stress rate .

2- Maintaining love

The love hormone oxytocin, released during a physical interaction with your lover, will help strengthen the feeling of love that binds you over time . A habit to integrate, therefore, and which should quickly turn to reflex as this little physical and psychological happiness seduces our nervous system.

3- It preserves the heart

Holding hands is good for the heart, literally and figuratively. Indeed, it would lower your blood pressure and actually protect our heart against the risk of disease. Magical ? Almost. It is actually the touch and the heat provided by this body contact that would produce a feeling of comfort beneficial to our cardiovascular system.

4- It is a source of strength

If it doesn’t really take the pain away, holding hands helps us hold on and be courageous. As in childbirth for example. Besides, even a blood test passes almost like a letter in the post if our lover embraces us with his reassuring hand during this ordeal.

5- It instills a sense of security

When someone holds you when you are about to fall, is it not their hand that catches and reassures yours? When you jump during a scary scene in a film , is it not once again a protective hand which comes to embrace your mimine? And in both cases, we must admit that it does not leave us unmoved. An action that has the power to soothe us on the spot, so that we grab his hand spontaneously, without thinking.

6- It helps to move forward

Having our hand buried in another will provide us with the security and momentum to move forward. And it works from an early age. We hold the hands of toddlers to help them take their first steps or to teach them to cross the road. And it always works in adulthood, when you need to be full of courage.

7- It keeps you warm

It is a cold duck , your little handcuff is reddened by the cold and there is the hand of your man who hangs next to you (and who does not seem to be super hot either). Joining your hands will warm you both. And even cashmere gloves do not cause such a sweet feeling … That said, wearing gloves does not prevent you from holding hands, eh.

8- It’s a nice alternative to “I love you”

Over the years, we tend to neglect romantic demonstrations. Also, grabbing the other’s hand is a good way to let them know that we care for them, other than with words.