The 5 signs that he will leave you

For some time now, you have had the impression that your man is elsewhere, that he is tense, that he no longer looks at you as before. You are no longer sure of the feelings he has for you.

You ask yourself lots of questions and look for clues all over the place. Be careful not to see evil everywhere or to over-interpret the facts, you may risk moving it further away from you.

We have detected early warning signs of a breakdown. Here they are :

The majority of boys find it difficult to talk about their feelings and their relationship. On the one hand, it is difficult for them to externalize their feelings and on the other hand, they do not see the need for it as long as everything is almost well …

And when it’s not going well at all, they don’t see the point of discussing it either since it’s over.

This is why when your boyfriend leaves you, you are always in shock since you did not see anything coming.

You blame him all the more bitterly for not knowing how to prevent you. However, if you had been attentive, you could have detected the small signs which showed his will to break up.

1. He comes home from work very late

When a relationship is not going well or he has no more feelings for you, the man tends to get away from work. Thus, he can run away from the problem while making himself self-sufficient because he is doing something useful.

This keeps him from feeling guilty and makes him feel like he’s in control.

He compensates for the upheaval that occurs in his private life by overinvestment in his professional sphere. Finally, when a man feels bad, he needs to isolate himself. The office is the only place where it is normally guaranteed not to meet you.

2. He no longer offers romantic outings or with his friends

At the start of your meeting, he was impatient to introduce you to his best friend and his parents.

Now, he connects pots between guys and no longer invites you to the famous card game evening. In addition, it never again offers romantic restaurants and no longer offers you a rose out of the blue.

He needs to clear his head before taking the leap (that of leaving you) and taking stock with his friends. Boys don’t talk much about their feelings, but it does happen, especially with their real friends.

He will talk about it and ask advice from those who have always been there for him and who know him by heart before coming to talk to you about it.

3. He only addresses neutral topics of conversation

He talks about what he ate at the restaurant, the weather forecast for the weekend … But he no longer talks about projects, vacations, the future. He no longer talks about intimate subjects because he knows that your intimacy will soon be just an old story.

It takes distance, it acts like a buddy to gently relax the bond that unites you. He increasingly neutralizes his feelings. When you tell him about your memories, he doesn’t say a word and deviates to something else.

4. He puts physical distance between you

When you are on the street, He no longer holds your hand. In the cinema, he no longer takes your hand either or caresses your hair. He takes physical distance because he no longer wants to touch you all the time, as at the beginning.

Nor does he want to be trapped by the physical attachment that united you (and that perhaps still unites you a little). His body language tells you what his heart cannot formulate.

5. He stops sending you messages to say nothing

At least, it is limited to purely informative SMS. Before, he would send you messages to tell you everything and anything. He asked you how it was, he wanted to know what you were doing, where you were. He would reveal his feelings to you in a poetic way, he would compliment your beauty or your intelligence.

He shared a joke, a small smiley to tell you that he was thinking of you, a message to wish you a good night… When it stops, it is because he considers that it is no longer necessary and he does want more.

He no longer seeks to conquer you or make you smile. He no longer seeks to seduce you. It marks the beginning of the end.

If you do not notice more than 2 signs among the 5, do not rush into hasty conclusions … Nothing is decided yet. Admittedly it is perhaps no longer the passion of the beginnings but nothing is ruined. It’s up to you to do everything to dissuade him from leaving you.

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