The 5 foolproof keys that show that you like a man

When we make love encounters, and we like the person, we would like to know if there is reciprocity and what are the signs that show that we like a man …

However, between our pheromones which distort our judgment, our sabotaging thoughts which will bring us back to our past stories and our lack of self-confidence, it is hard to see clearly.

We are going to ask a thousand and one questions, tap our brains to find out if he cares about us and if there is a way to go a little way with him ^^

In addition, beyond that, there is also our fear of “being taken in”.

We all know beautiful talkers, men who have only one idea in their heads, take out all the devices necessary to reach their end and put us in their beds.

They will praise us with their beautiful words, tell us that they have never known such feelings etc …

Yet what about men who are genuinely sincere, what about men who have feelings for us?

1- Body language:

Certain signs do not deceive, and beyond what we would like to show, our body betrays us and speaks for us.

  • If we observe his gaze, He will have the pupils which will expand.
  • He smiles blissfully, even if what he is told is nothing really very funny !!
  • He will even smile until he shows us these beautiful white teeth.
  • It imitates our gestures, tracing our movements and behaviors on us.
  • He will try by all means to touch us, for example under the pretext that he will want to observe the bracelet that we wear, our new glasses, etc…
  • He will try to maintain our gaze, in a bizarre way, in order to show us his intention.
  • He bites his lips or runs his tongue over his lips, because he wants to kiss us.
  • It looks beautiful, bombs the chest, shows us its beautiful muscles ..

2- Technology:

We are all so connected these days, that this aspect gives us additional clues, to know if his intention towards us is sincere ^^

  • When you send him an SMS, leave a message on his answering machine, his reaction is very revealing. If, he answers us in the quarter of an hour or in the hour, it is that he sincerely does not want to make us wait and that it is important for him to answer us quickly. So if he calls you back quickly, “bingo” is because he has a thing for you.
  • Regarding social networks, he will hasten to ask you to be part of it, will praise you, he will not hesitate to take selfies with you … This means that he wants to show you in the eyes of all ^^

3- The Peacock technique:

He really wants to please you, to capture your attention, so he will do everything to make you turn to him…

  • It will show itself in its best light. If this man is attracted to you, he will make sure that he is treated, he will put on his 31. You will notice certain convincing details:
  • He just went to the hairdresser.
  • To change his usual dress.
  • He has a trimmed beard or is shaved ready.
  • It smells good, it just bought a new perfume.
  • He is careful about what he tells you and what he does.
  • He is considerate with you, holds the door for youtries to be present for you.
  • He listens to you very sincerely, even if you are talking about your aunt Alberte who lost her cat…
  • It remembers the little details that are part of your life, for example, that you hate mushrooms, that you hate science fiction films, and that you ski very very well !!

4- With loved ones:

We all preserve our intimate cocoon, that is to say, those who are part of our emotional sphere, friends and family…

  • He will, therefore, want to introduce you to his circle, his relatives, his friends, (very important friends), because we do not present a girl who is not worthy of that, to his friends, we present the girl we are proud of. ^^
  • He will introduce you to his parents, there you have reached the pinnacle…

5- The projects:

When someone matters to us, we want them to be part of our life, it is natural to integrate them into our projects.

Especially for men, who are not used to sprawling their lives, to talk a lot. If the latter involves you in his life, it is very likely that he would like, sincerely, to share his future with you !!

  • He talks about his future vacation, and involves you.
  • Expresses himself on his wish to move, but that he is tired of living alone, (or with the choice), that he is tired of living with his band of friends, etc …
  • That he would like to take a dog, but that would be good if you do it together !!!

If all these signs are present, it is because you have won, and it is really attached to you …

If you notice that all these aspects are not combined, it is because he cares for you all the same, but that maybe he takes his time …

In any case, focus more on the facts than the fine words. Because, even if the compliments, the gratifications are always pleasant to hear,   they cost nothing and are easy to lavish…

So watch out for the one who talks too much, who tells you that he loves you on the first date, that he has never felt such feelings for a woman, etc. But who, on the other hand, is not really available to you, he only frequents you at home, or at home, which does not seem to get involved more than that …

It’s not a really good sign.

On the contrary, the one who will get involved, will try to invest himself for you, show you convincing acts of affection, this one, is a man who really beats you !!