The 3 secrets of a loving couple for life

Like you, I spend a lot of time on the net looking for advice on romantic relationships.

The majority of those found there are completely impossible to put into practice.

Of course, the fact of offering a week of vacation in Rome to your companion is likely to help you to strengthen your ties. But, honestly, not everyone can afford it.

Fortunately, there are much simpler and practical tips to ensure the sustainability of a loving couple.

To keep your couple strong despite the passage of time and the little annoyances of life, here are 3 golden rules.”

Rule n ° 1 of the loving couple: Respect each other

It is the basis without which no romantic relationship can be built. It looks like childish simplicity said like that.

If you love someone, it is only natural to treat them with kindness and respect, right? This is generally true when you see someone occasionally, but things get complicated when you live together.

We tend to forget, unwittingly, the basics of basic respect.

How to cure it? Think of a person you really respect (your boss, your best friend, your grandmother, whatever).

You just have to be content with never saying anything to your partner that you would not say to this person.

If you ever goof off, do the best thing you can do: apologies. Remember that sometimes talking without thinking is enough to end a relationship.

Rule n ° 2 of the loving couple: Support each other

Have you ever been overly enthusiastic about an idea you just had, entrusted it to a friend, and then saw him react as if he had absolutely nothing to do with it?

Didn’t that completely demotivate you? So don’t do the same with your partner. When your companion wants to share their ideas or dreams with you, at least try to be interested in them a minimum, even if it is not exciting.

Of course, you also have the right to give your opinion if you don’t really like one of your ideas, but kindly and constructively.

An example: “So you tell me that you want to be an actor? But it’s not a very safe job, don’t you think? This is not aggressive but allows you to raise the major problem.

If your partner has a fixed idea in mind, whether you support it or refuse to do so can determine the future of your relationship.

A loving couple is a couple who support and trust each other blindly.

Rule n ° 3 of the loving couple: Learn to let it flow

When your partner does something you find annoying, think twice before trying to get their attention on the subject.

Is it something that can be changed easily? Will it require a lot of effort on his part?

If you don’t even think that your partner can change the point that annoys you without having to fight with him for years and years, let it flow.

If you decide to return to the subject as often as possible, you will find that you will experience even more annoyance than if you do not pay more attention to it.

Remember that this type of tolerance is often cited by couples in love for years as one of the main reasons for their success.

So that you and your companion can remain a loving and happy couple as long as possible (and forever, who knows?), You must imperatively follow these 3 golden rules.

And you, what are your secrets for your couple to flourish?