Take a Love Dare: Married Couples Bucket List

Okay, I’ll admit it, I love bucket lists. What can I say? They inspire me. So I’ve come up with a married couples bucket list you can use. Because we all know that when you’re married and have kids, it can be difficult to keep things fresh. 

So after you look at our list, give us your ideas in the comments. We’ll keep adding to them so check back to see our latest ideas.

Here is the start of my married couples bucket list.

  1. Have sex on the beach.
  2. Take a biking trip together.
  3. Go skinny-dipping.
  4. Pay off your mortgage.
  5. Revisit your honeymoon destination.
  6. Go to a football game at your alma mater.
  7. Spend the night at a hotel, without the kids.
  8. Make out in an elevator.
  9. Renew your vows.
  10. Learn another language together.

Let’s Talk: What’s at the top of your couples bucket list?

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