Sweet Talk Game

The Sweet Talk Game helps you grow closer as a family by listening and sharing.

  • Start with a large bag of M&M’S® or other colored candy.
  • Randomly distribute the candy evenly to each family member (up to the amount you want each child to have) in a small bag or cup for each person.
  • Have the first person close their eyes and reach into the bag for a candy. Have them share a little fact about themselves based on the color: Red = Something you love
    Orange = A favorite food
    Yellow = Something that makes you laugh
    Green = Someplace you’d like to visit
    Blue = Someone you’d like to meet
    Brown = Something you’d like to have
  • When they finish sharing, everyone who has that color of M&M’S® gets to eat one. Keep going until the last person runs out of candy.

Don’t forget to create a Team Mission Statement—another fun team building activity that the whole family can get in on!

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