Super Bowl Game: Couch Potato Kick Off

The Couch Potato Kick-Off is a great way to keep your kids (and husband) from sitting and eating their way through the Super Bowl.  So get your little spuds off the couch (and little eyes off questionable commercial breaks) by using every commercial break as an activity time.

Divide into teams before the game. Make a scoreboard.

(Reminder: Don’t do an activity for every commercial, but for every commercial break, which might include several individual commercials.)

Commercial Break #1 – Everyone does pushups together as a group.  When a person stops that is their total. Add up the number done by that team for a team total and record on the score board.

Commercial Break #2 – Same as above doing jumping jacks

Commercial Break #3 – Same as above doing stomach crunches or sit ups

Commercial Break #4 – Standing on one foot (count seconds)

Commercial Break #5 – Squats

Commercial Break #6 – Hop from side to side

Commercial Break #7 – Wall sit (count seconds)

Commercial Break #8 – High knee jog (count knee lifts)

Commercial Break #9 – V-Sit (count seconds)

Commercial Break #10 – Give everyone 5 tries to throw wadded pieces of newspaper into a trash can

At the end of the tenth commercial break, add up your points and declare a winner. Repeat and have fun!