Single people, encounters, budding relationships: How Covid-19 reorganizes our sentimental lives

Faced with confinement, the couples who share a standard roof are preparing to measure in quarantine for 2 weeks. But government measures also are having an impression on singles trying to find love and people who are just beginning a love relationship. Inquiry.

“What scares pine State has got to place up with my young man for weeks on end. We’re gonna beat each other up! “, exclaims Hannah, 31 years old, who has been during a relationship for ten years together with her husband, the daddy of her children. it is a problem specific to couples who share an equivalent lease or property, as against singles and newly-married couples. Thimoty, 35 years old, separated, sent to his group of friends – on WhatsApp – that he just had to unsubscribe from Tinder given the news. “Until fortnight ago, we were dating. Last week it had been less and fewer about meeting in real world . Now it’s done, and that i don’t see the purpose of stepping into a letter relationship if it’s getting to last,” he says. It’s true, until a couple of days ago, with bars and restaurants closing, the thought of meeting during a park (or a gasoline station …) was still on its way. Now, faced with the entire confinement, the cards are reshuffled. Here’s how.

Stephanie, 50-year-old, registered on Gleeden – extramarital dating site – at the start of March. A desire to boost her lifestyle by tasting infidelity. However, as she develops a virtual relationship with a person , she knows that she is going to need to twiddling my thumbs . We’ve been writing more and more. The messages even become naughty,” she says. Will containment involve sexting? Or the sharing of poems, you never know. In any case, it’s a chance to require the time to urge to understand your suitors and obtain out of overconsumption. Mathieu, 31, very active on dating apps, notices that coronavirus may be a topic of dialogue . Finally, an honest introduction for those that lack inspiration and like to avoid the “hello that goes”, even more, explosive during this strange context.

Henri is faithful to Grindr, an app dedicated to gay and bisexual men. He explains that last week, despite the prevention messages provided by the app (if you do not feel well, hear your body and stay home; some members of our community could be more stressed than others, twiddling my thumbs with those around you…), conversations opened with an equivalent running gag: are you coming to quarantine yourself in my bed? this is often not working.

Melissa, 30 years old, met her boyfriend on Instagram, an honest fortnight ago, just before the storm. They weren’t afraid to cross the IRL threshold, because the situation had not yet been declared critical. “In any case, we are all-terrain. We roll in the hay while I’m wearing a brace ,” she says. Today, within the face of total confinement, the question is yours or mine?” We decided to remain together. Fabien is at my place. I’m confined with him and it’s too good! “she exclaims from Lyon. the start of an almost idyllic love story: the 2 folks against the remainder of the planet , protected and in our bubble. It remains to be seen if things remains liveable. A test?

Kevin, 32, lives in Madrid, Spain. He’s also confined. While his boyfriend was living part-time reception , the exceptional situation accelerates the choice to maneuver in together. After discussion, they concluded that it had been better than being apart for a month or more. ” a minimum of we’ve a bent to are getting to be ready to get right right down to business as was common and understand wherever we stand!”they tell us. For Hassan, 29, it’s something else: “I’ve been with my girlfriend for four months. It’s too early for us to be confined together, frankly… Too bad, we’ll wait as long because it takes to seek out one another again,” he assures us. We’re getting to wait as long because it takes to seek out one another ,” he says. “There could also be more messages with soft – or dirty – words.

LOVING LONELINESS, the way to affect IT?
John’s partner, a 35-year-old from Milan, can’t come to measure together with her , and she or he doesn’t decide to attend his place. The reason? He lives together with her two children, whom she hasn’t met yet. the present context gives her the impression of being single: “We’re not getting to see one another , and he is not from the gen

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