Signs That He’s Cheating On You

We all said to ourselves one day ”  I would like to know if he is cheating on me  “. Strange conversations, bizarre gestures, ambiguous looks: it does not take more to put us on the chip.

Sometimes it’s just our paranoia that makes us jealous for nothing, but sometimes we get it right that much. To help you recognize a faithful man with a fickle moron, here are 6 unmistakable signs.

1. A change of attitude.

Men tend to change their behavior overnight when they cheat on their partners. They will no longer be satisfied with the routine in which you are comfortably installed, will want to bring about changes in your married life.

If you notice that he keeps giving you advice on the improvements that could be made in your relationship, keep your eyes open and watch for other signs.

2. He buys new clothes.

It is logical when we are in the seduction phase, we tend to pay much more attention to our look.

If your Jules has so far been content with disguised colorful polo shirts and short-sleeved shirts, here he is getting dressed from head to toe following the latest trends.

But for whom is he making all these efforts?

3. He is less attentive to you.

It sounds obvious, but it should be emphasized: if you find that your partner is less attentive to what you tell him or that he seems immersed in his little world when you are together, you can legitimately ask yourself the question of knowing what which absorbs it as much and what it tries to hide from you.

4. He goes out more often.

Suddenly, you discover friends of his that you did not know existed and that he sees in places that you had never heard of at times that he usually reserved for you.

Surprisingly, he does not answer your calls when you try to contact him when he is with his new “friends”. Ladle, you said?

5. He hides his cell phone.

His cell phone, which used to sit on the coffee table, never leaves his pocket.

As soon as it rings, it makes a point of honor to put the screen out of your field of vision to read its SMS. If he even hangs up as soon as you enter the room he’s in, you don’t even have to ask yourself if he’s cheating on you.

6. Conflicts are increasing.

You do not know why, but for some time crises have multiplied between you.

Jules always has reproaches to make you, get mad for nothing and takes the opportunity to desert the marital home. A serious discussion is essential!

I think we answered the question “How do I know if he’s cheating on me?” If you have doubts about your companion’s loyalty, don’t keep it for yourself.

You need to tell your partner about your doubts.

Indeed, it could be that these changes in attitude have a completely different reason. Do not torture yourself unnecessarily and play cards on the table with your Jules.

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