Share the Love with Your Husband

Am I nicer to my kids than I am to my husband? Confession: Yes, sometimes I am! For example, when I answer a call from our children I sound like this, “Hi honey! How are you doing? What do you need, sweetheart?” But when I answer a call from my husband I often say something like this, “Hey. What’s up?”

So what about you? Do you save most of your sweet talk, kindness, and patience for your kids? Does your husband get your short answers, lukewarm kindness, and impatience? If you’re like me, you might have to answer, yes.
So try these 6 ways to share the love with your husband.

1. Compliment.

When you see him at the end of the day, lay a big compliment on him:

“Wow! You still look so great, even after a long day at work.”
“Hey, handsome.”
“There’s my hero.”

2. Cook.

Make his favorite meal for dinner and tell him you did it just for him.

3. Kiss.

Give him a really big kiss when he gets home.

4. Cuddle.

After the kids go to bed, instead of heading to the kitchen to clean, or getting on your computer; find your husband, sit beside him, or crawl into his lap and ask him how he’s doing.

5. Massage.

Give him a foot massage (take off his socks for him if you really want to show him some love), a back massage, or a hand massage.

6. Enthuse.

Show enthusiasm for having sex—put on some nice-smelling lotion and ask him to meet you in the bedroom.

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