Self-love is the surest path to healing

Self-love is the best medicine. It is the surest path to healing.

Self-love helps us to move forward, to contemplate our past experiences or some of the people who have populated them and to realize that we are better without them, without their judgments, without the crumbs they left us, without their toxic energies.

Self-love makes us stronger. It allows us to open the door to those who want to leave, to those who think that you will run after them. Self-love lets us know that we will be fine, even if we are alone and that we don’t need anyone’s approval to feel complete.

Self-love makes us gain confidence. We know what we want and we are not afraid to say it out loud. You will not settle for anything less and you will not tolerate the games, the lies, the empty promises of anyone; despite the feelings you have.

Self-love protects you from those who make you feel like you don’t count. Self-love protects you from those who are incapable of sincere love.

Self-love allows you to learn quickly. You will never be trapped in a toxic environment. You put an end to what is not working or doing you a favor. You move away from those who are unable to appreciate or respect you.

You don’t hit your head against the walls by repeating the same mistakes. Self-love allows you to build barriers between you and those who hurt you. Self-love does not make you heartless but it allows you to be indifferent to those who harm you. It allows you to put your well-being before anything else.

The best thing about self-love is that it makes those around you helpless, they have no power over you, your feelings, or your thoughts. Their absence will not kill you and will not prevent you from doing great things. Their insults will never hit you and break you because you know who you are and you love yourself that way.

Those who do not see it will never succeed in changing you. And as soon as they are deprived of power, people get angry. They don’t like to feel that they have no control over you. They don’t like to know that they can’t manipulate you.

Self-love does not mean that you feel superior to those around you, or that you are stony or have no heart. But just that you believe in yourself, that you know what you want, that you know what kind of love and respect you deserve and that you will accept nothing less than that.

That you’ve worked on yourself for a long time, that you’ve fought tough battles to get to where you are, and you’re not about to let anyone wipe it out. You are not about to let someone else dictate your behavior and impose the image you should have on yourself.

Self-love is the result of all these years of healing, all these years spent picking up the pieces, all these years of loneliness, all these years of questioning and for nothing in the world, you would never leave anyone ‘wipe out your efforts. You would never let someone destroy what you have spent years building.

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