Romantic gestures to spice up everyday life

After the euphoria of the beginnings, romantic relationships often become tinged with monotony. For most couples, routine seems to take precedence over passion: family and professional obligations, habit and small daily torments sometimes make us forget romanticism …

Even if we all know that it is essential to maintain the flame, we are content most of the time to fill our sweet half of attentions on special occasions: Valentine’s Day, his birthday, Christmas, a birthday of meet … But there are so many other opportunities! Examples? Here is the typical day of the perfect romantic … It is true that all these attentions in one day would be a bit much, but once in a while?


Breakfast in bed: a great classic!

Of course, the full breakfast with egg-bacon, hot croissants, café au lait and fresh flower brought to a tray requires a little time. We save that for the weekend. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from getting up a few minutes earlier to prepare the fresh orange juice that your spouse adores. And don’t forget to tell him that you intend to take advantage of the energy brought by this excess of vitamin C at the end of the day! With a wink and a naughty smile … In any case, try to sit at least fifteen minutes together in the morning, for coffee and discuss everything except work. It’s a challenge, but you can do it!

In the bathroom

If you run out of time in the morning, take the opportunity to take your shower together from time to time. And it doesn’t always have to turn into a hug. Just touching yourself with soapy hands can be very romantic.

In the mirrors

If the shared shower could “go wrong” and make you arrive late at the office, just write small messages on the mirror. Take advantage of condensation, or use the good old-fashioned lipstick method.

For women

Wear a seductive (but comfortable) set of lingerie under your work clothes and make sure the gentleman has seen it all. He will think of you all day …

At noon

Surprise dinner

If possible, show up from time to time at his desk to have dinner together. Treat yourself to a restaurant (even a quick one) or an improvised picnic in the park around the corner.

A little word

Place a small card with the message “I’m looking forward to this evening” in its lunch box.

In the evening


Have a drink and chat to decompress while preparing the meal. On occasion, set yourself the goal of only talking about the good times of the day, just to create a relaxed atmosphere.

No pajamas

Many people change their clothes on the way home from work to “relax”. Result? Your spouse only sees you in pajamas or hoodies. Remember the beginnings of your relationship: you always tried to be at your best to seduce the other. From time to time, dress, make up, surprise the other!

Little attention

Give him a gift on occasion, for the pleasure of giving: this book or DVD that he or she wanted so much, or any other object that will make him or her happy.

Moment of intimacy

When you have children, it is not easy to maintain optimal privacy, but arrange to always sleep at the same time. Not only is this good for them, but you will also know that every evening from 8 p.m. (for example), you will have a few hours “for lovers”.

A hot bath

Run a bubble bath and offer your partner to dive in while you gently rub their tired muscles. Who knows, he (she) may ask you to join him there!


Each week, set up an evening (or more) without TV. Take the opportunity to chat, laugh, play games that you both love.

Some souvenirs…

Sometimes listen to significant “touns” in your story. Remember these moments at the start of your relationship. Look at your travel photos. Immerse yourself in your common memories to revive the feelings that lived in you on these specific occasions.


By email

We write dozens of emails during the day, and how many to our lover? If the answer is zero, it may be time to remedy this. Of course, it’s not about writing an eighteen-page love letter, but just a few kind words. And we are not talking about children picking up soccer, shopping or the invitation to step-mom. Just a few sweet words. Tell her that you love her, that you miss her, that you heard a song that made you think of him (her).

A phonecall

Take advantage of your break to call him. Even if you come across voicemail, leave a message, say you wanted to hear their voice. Or be naughty if you feel like it.

Cute delivery

Have flowers or chocolates delivered to his office for no reason, just for the sake of telling him you love him.

The night

Dare to change

Hmmm … Is it really necessary to tell you what to do once the lights are off? Well, turn them on again! Try not to do things the same as usual. It is necessary to evacuate the routine, even in your antics. Bet on lingerie, massage oils, and all other things that tempt you (as long as you both agree on the turn that your romantic games will take).

In the guest bedroom?

If you have a guest room, install candles and other romantic (or naughty) accessories and invite your partner to join you. You will almost feel like you are in a hotel.

Get out!

In the same vein, babysit the children from time to time and choose to stay overnight outside the house. It is not necessary for that to offer an overpriced package in a fashionable hostel. The motel on the outskirts of town will do the trick (if it is not too “creepy”, all the same). The idea is to break the routine!

To finish…

As you can see, there are a multitude of small things to do, every day, in order to get out of the vicious metro-work-dodo circle. You may think that it is “quetaine”, that your spouse does not appreciate this kind of attention, that it will be useless … But it costs nothing to try!

Imagine if these simple little gestures (and all the others that you will invent) could make you fall passionately back in love with the person with whom you already share your life? One thing is certain, it is not by waiting and doing nothing that the habit will break. Obviously, there are some efforts to be made, but the game is worth the effort.

Be creative, remember what pleased your lover 5, 10 or 15 years ago … Chances are he or she will be happy to be still in the center of your attention, and in your heart.