Relationship Issue: 5 Differences in Breakup Stages

Breakups can have a bad impact on someone for weeks, months and sometimes years. But, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. The heartbreaking process of a relationship is like the same as mourning a death. The 5 differences in breakup stages help create a healing approach.

One day, you will move forward with life and everything.

According to Elina Furman, a relationship expert and author of the famous book Kiss and Run: The Single, Picky and Indecisive Girl’s Guide to Overcoming Her Fear of Commitment, “The secret to surviving a breakup is acknowledging that you’re going to be a ridiculous maniac for the next 3 to 6 months of your life.” “There are no shortcuts so even if you think you’re okay immediately, no you’re not.”

If you just had a breakup, then buckle up. The following 5 differences in breakup stages can get bumpy.


This is a terrible stage with equivalent parts alcohol and supernatural thinking. As with the matter of the heart, the only to blame is biology for the irresistible pull that draws us to an ex’s front doorstep right after the breakup.

As said by relationship and sex Ian Kerner, “At first, there’s a shock.” “When you’re accustomed to habits and relationships, those habits are programmed and encrypted in our brains. And so, there’s a feeling of want to restart them.”


A puzzling stage in the differences in breakup stages, during which you suffer the extreme feelings of euphoria, regret and guilt. As the reality sinks in, you’re finding yourself madly grasping for help. You are implanted puzzling and exhilarating energy.

“Yeah people do lots of maddening things during this one of the differences in breakup stages”, explains Kerner. “I continually remind women to keep their eyes open for casual sex since it’s simpler for men to label a one-nighter or something spontaneous. For ladies, it’s harder. You instantly want to connect with who you are intimate with.” Use your new carelessness to do somewhat that scares you. But skip on the one-night stand. Register for an improv acting or go bungee jumping or skydiving.


In this type of difference in breakup stages, dims to a much deeper type of emotion. While it may seem frightening than the first 2 phases of breakup angst, professionals approve that rage is a strong way of regaining your freedom and building your self-esteem. Finally, you shouldn’t suffer after somebody who doesn’t like you, right?

Kenner says, “To manage your rage, it’s vital to encircle yourself with family and friends who are caring.” “Somebody who will consider you for being mad is the bad person.”

Don’t inadvertently rob his dog or break in his apartment house by accident and burn away all his clothes. You need to find a release. Kickboxing, writing, painting or any type of medium that’s as intense as you please without the need to hurt yourself or anybody.


You’re official a single person who gets emotional while watching a Jennifer Aniston movie. Welcome to misery. That bad news is you’re depressed, and the good news is you’re in the final stretch.

“To strongly passionately mean we get through the ups and downs of life,” explains Spencer. “Emotions are great for us. Those deep emotions are a special part of our life and evidence is that you’re strong and psychologically advanced.”

You must be cautious of getting trapped in the 4th phase of differences in breakup stages, it’s risky to stay in the depression for a long time. Therefore, devote a weeknight to feeling miserable but ensure you have got plans afterward.

Moving On

This comes all together. After many nights of pushing yourself out, you finally decided to have fun. After a normal date, I finally found a good date. You came across a photo of your ex and you don’t feel angry anymore. Unless they do that, you must pain through hell. Like staying in bed with a fever, you’re “healing” as you get through the differences in breakup stages, he explains.

“I think back at all my previous relationships that ended and I breathe with relief,” Spencer tells. “Your future character, snuggled up and delighted as a clam alongside the person who’s best and right for you, will thank heavens this one didn’t go well!”

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