Protect yourself from toxic relationships and be happier.

No one is immune from living a toxic relationship. In our daily life, we live in contact with our immediate entourage, our family, our friends, with our life partner. Also, we can rub shoulders, without our knowledge, with people who are nevertheless highly toxic to us.

Easy to understand you will say, but more difficult to discern.

Some people who are not close friends can show themselves very quickly in their true light. On the other hand, it becomes much more difficult when it comes to people close to us.

Toxic people can vampirize our energy.

Unfortunately, if we are not careful, our life, our well-being, our emotional state, our achievements of all kinds can suffer !!

But what is a toxic person?

A toxic person is a negative person who, under the guise of good intentions, acts to harm you, destroy you, and prevent you from realizing yourself.

Whether it is about power issues, jealousy, domination,  the toxic person will do everything to make you feel bad and that you cannot become the best version of yourself.

The best thing in this kind of situation is to take a step back from what you are going through and to calmly assess how your interactions with this kind of person are going. If you find that they are often prone not to make you happy, to flourish, and rather to make you sad, there is a good chance that this person is a toxic person.

How to protect yourself from toxic people around you?

They make you uncomfortable:

Without realizing it, every time you’ve shared a moment with them when you leave them, and well you feel bad.

You did not know why, but they leave you with a bitter taste, you feel low emotions.

These highly toxic people vampirize your energy. They only live through having the downside and dominating you in some way.

They are negative:

Nothing works and nothing suits them. They are negative, see the evil where there is none, always look at “the glass half empty, instead of seeing it half full”.

In this way, they can justify their behaviors, their failures, and the fact that they do not succeed in doing this or that.

It is a way of pulling others down so that you do not feel inferior and do not have to question yourself.

If, they maintain their entourage at the same level as them, they will return to certain normality, which will allow them to feel better.

They don’t want to find solutions:

You can talk about a thousand and one subjects, they will always have something to complain about, not to see solutions, to make sure that things do not get better.

They will try by all means to keep you in situations that hurt and hurt you.

They do not succeed in their life:

You will notice that these people know everything about everything, “that they, they know”. But when you take a closer look, their life is certainly not a model of success.

The best way to know a person is to observe how he leads his life, to observe if his words are in cohesion with his actions.

They are envious:

If you realize you won’t see them jump to the ceiling !! Generally toxic people are not happy about what can happen to others. It is a bit like taking your share of happiness , since they do not manage to integrate it into their life.

They will, therefore, refrain from being cheerful and happy for you when you announce the good news to them.

They easily criticize others:

As they cannot bear to see the other happy, they will always have something to talk about them. It is a way for them to reassure themselves. As people who are toxic, generally fail to achieve their life goals, to achieve themselves like others, we must find excuses. And it is in this that they are eager to criticize everything that escapes them.

They complain:

This fits perfectly with their role as victims. They do not want to become the actors of their lives, but rather live their lives by being victims. It is the fault of others, of society, of their parents if they have not succeeded in achieving themselves and obtaining what they wanted.

How can you avoid being influenced?

Don’t give them power:

Once you have detected that this person is toxic you should move away from them. Easy when it comes to someone we are not really related to. But when it comes to our loved ones, our family, well we must try, as best we can, to distance ourselves and above all,  not to give them the means to touch us.

The less they will know about your life, your projects, your desires, and your desires, the better it will be for you.

Do not give them importance:

As I explained to you, these are usually frustrated people who have not succeeded where you realize yourself.

So don’t underestimate yourself and practice the politics of indifference. This will allow you to protect yourself.

Keep in mind only your happiness:

The important thing in all of this is to keep in mind that your primary goal is to be happy. If these people ruin your life, well no mercy. Because unfortunately life is short and you must not fall prey to people who do not want to get out of it.

Life is short and we have to realize it…

If we want to globalize this reflection, I would say as for all the things that will enter our life, people, events, or various situations, we must choose to bring in the best.

This can extend to owning a tangible asset, a relationship, an outing, or whatever.

We should not compromise and work so that the good, the beautiful, and the nice can come into our lives.

Life passes quickly and sometimes, we don’t know why, we feel guilty without realizing it and that affects us.

Always choose to offer the best, because we all deserve it ?

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