Post-breakup: 7 tips to change to feel good

A rupture can be expected, sudden, painful, but one thing is certain, we always end up getting up. It remains to be seen whether what we contemplate after the battle suits us … Only one solution is therefore imperative: regain power over our lives. How? ‘Or’ What? By changing at least seven little things that should allow us to breathe again and above all, solo.

1. New cut for a new life

It is well known, there is nothing more pleasant than to change your head after a separation. In 2013, a survey even indicated that 69% of French women have already taken a broken heart after a stroll at the hairdresser. And then this can be an opportunity to test a haircut that our ex would have hated, like the ultra-short bob from Karlie Kloss or the pixie cut from Jennifer Lawrence.

2. The soundtrack of my celibacy

Often, a couple creates their own soundtrack. We raved about the same songs, we offered one-on-one concerts, we made discoveries together, and above all, we learned to love each other’s tastes. After a breakup, it is better to make a clean sweep of this common musical past. Find new songs that will stick to our new life and that will help us get through this dark period: challenge accepted.

3. Dare, my new creed

Far be it from us to force you to go bungee jumping to face your fear of emptiness/celibacy, but rather to dare certain things that did not necessarily interest your ex or that you would never have dared to do with him. It can range from Swedish cooking class to rock climbing. At the end of the day, the goal remains the same: regain self-confidence and prove that you don’t need anyone to be fabulous in everything you do.

4. A little Feng shui

If you’re lucky enough to keep your old love nest, a little bit of Feng Shui can’t hurt you. Start by offering yourself new sheets, balance the photos of your last vacation face to face and do not hesitate to change the furniture. A new interior for a new start!

5. Treat yourself to a hell of a trip

Once the tears / oily hair period is over, it’s time to change the decor. A solo weekend in the countryside, a trip to the other end of the world surrounded by friends … No matter the destination, what matters is to recharge your batteries and finally understand that you don’t need to be two to be happy.

6. A wardrobe that shouts “Fabulous”

Even if we didn’t ask them for anything, some men can afford to judge our outfits. And no matter how much we answer them, that we dress for us and not for them, it’s difficult to put on the famous dress that apparently “puddles” us. But if there is a good side to regained celibacy, it is being able to wear what you want when you want. This pair of platform shoes that has been keeping an eye on us for 6 months? One buys. Ditto for these boyfriend jeans spotted in thrift stores and which proves that we do not need a boyfriend to have it in our closet.

7. Feeling desirable again

A new haircut, a new wardrobe and why not a new us? Nothing forces you to totally transform yourself, but sometimes it’s rather pleasant to dare new things. It can range from sexier makeup to a new way of approaching men. Mining, letting yourself be flirted… when you start to feel sexy and desirable, it is because you have already started to heal your wounds.

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