Our 5 Best Thanksgiving Printables to Gobble Up!

You still have time to pull up a chair and feast on five of our best Thanksgiving printables! Not only are they adorable, they’ll help you teach your children about being thankful and bring an extra measure of gratefulness to the Thanksgiving season.

So dig in! Here they are…

8 Days of Being Thankful.  You can use these printables starting today, and finish on Thanksgiving! Hang them from your chandelier, make a Thanksgiving tree, or use them as garland. They’re pretty and purposeful!

Thanksgiving Lunchbox Notes. Tuck one of these cute printables into your child’s lunch tomorrow!

Thanksgiving Quotes. Printable inspiration to showcase around your house. Share them with your kids—hide them under dinner plates, tape them  to the bathroom mirror, or leave them in sock drawers or under pillows.

Thanksgiving Prayers. Touching words to add reverence and meaning to your feast.

Thanksgiving Story Cards. A wonderful journey through the Thanksgiving story with moving facts you might not know. Have each person at your table read one, and experience what the first Thanksgiving was really like.

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