Motivation: Prize and Celebration Ideas

Use our iMOM charts to track your child’s progress. Let them check-off each day or use stickers instead.

Milestone Motivators

  • Fun eraser (you can buy the non-toxic types for less than a dollar)
  • Special pencil
  • Special seat at the dinner table
  • Choice of favorite food at the grocery store
  • Bedtime set 10 minutes later than normal

The halfway point of any attempt should be celebrated in a big way.

  • Recognize your child in front of the whole family.
  • Let your child choose his favorite meal for dinner.
  • Present your child with some sort of gift that you know he will like, according to his current tastes and interests.
  • Trip to the dollar store to choose a set number of items.

Once your child reaches her goal, be prepared to honor her and her achievement with fanfare.

  • Have a ceremony where you present her with her completion certificate.
  • Talk about the qualities she exhibited that enabled her to reach her goal: hard work, dedication, sacrifice, etc.
  • Take a photo of your child and put it on the front door with a sign explaining her accomplishment.
  • Take your child on a special outing – a picnic, trip to an amusement park, or let her choose how she would like to spend the day.
  • Call grandparents or other relatives and let your child share her accomplishment with them.

How do you celebrate your child?

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