Men would fall in love more often than women (actually)

Did you think you were an artichoke heart? And these poor men who spend their lives falling in love, do you think about that?

According to a UK survey by Häagen Dazs, 2000 adults, men fall in love more than once in their lives than women. In fact, only 45% of women admit having had several loves while more than half of men declare having loved more than one person during their lifetime.

The great and unique love

If the words “divorce”, “celibacy”, “Tinder” and friends with benefits have become more and more embedded in our vocabulary, it seems that “loyalty”, “longevity” and “great love” still have their place them too. According to the study, 47% of the women questioned had only had one love (compared to 39% of the men). These gentlemen would fall in love more often than us. Blue flowers our men in the end!

The fact remains that, contrary to what one might think, many men and women (at least British) are content with one love. In fact, ¾ of those questioned believe in true love, even if not all of them are certain of ever seeing it.

What if it all started with a hook up?

Do you think you can start a romantic relationship with coitus? So you are one of the 3% rascals to believe that love is born after tasting the flesh. For a third of respondents, love occurs after family presentations when 20% feel in love after having uttered/received the famous magic word.

For the 2,000 people questioned, most believe they have loved on average twice in their life. A minority, 5% (men and women combined) considers that they have never fallen in love, but the majority having less than 24 years, for them, everything is still possible.