Manipulator in love: Techniques to recognize them

Are you one of those who find it hard to say no to their partner? Does the latter tend to influence all your decisions and to disparage you?

The narcissistic perverts are now more and more numerous and currently represent approximately 3% of the population. Their tactic is to make you believe that you are still the source of the problem.

If you have the feeling of living a toxic relationship with a manipulator in love, it is time to act to be able to get rid of it.

Find out here how to recognize a calculator or a liar. Follow the few tips below to help you emancipate yourself.

Liars choose their prey

At the very beginning, the manipulator in love will be very kind, pleasant and will do everything possible to gain your trust and your love. Little by little, his mask will fall and your fairy tale will soon be a real descent into hell.

You will gradually feel that you are being manipulated and under its influence and you will have a hard time knowing if your man really loves you.

Indeed, a calculator or manipulator is like a predator seeking to dominate its partner by controlling it, like a prey. And their ideal prey is people who easily feel guilty, those who are insecure, and those who always put others first.

In this case, the liar will cleverly spoil your life, until you lose your self-esteem while isolating yourself entirely from those around you.

Know how to detect signs in time

If you are a victim of manipulation in love, know that this will have serious consequences, both physically and mentally.

Among other things: sleep disturbances, increased feeling of guilt, loss of appetite, depression, feeling of malaise, and even, in extreme cases, the desire to commit suicide. These ailments are quite common among victims of lies in a relationship.

That said, you will have to react without delay, because the more you react in time, the easier you will get out of it.

How do you know you’re dating a liar?

He decides the rain and the good weather

It is not always easy to know if your man is playing with you.

The manipulator in love is a real chameleon. It perfectly conceals its true nature and behaves in such a way as to attract your favors. In the life of a couple, he easily manages hot and cold: sometimes he is very affectionate, sometimes he is cruel.

He also knows when to stop. And when he notices that you’re fed up, he looks for other ways to catch up, in order to regain your confidence.

This attitude does not mean, however, that he is sensitive to your suffering since a manipulator does not feel empathy. A liar is a good actor and has acting skills. In other words, the manipulator in love takes pleasure in making his partner suffer, because it is the only way to take control.

He demeans and humiliates his partner all the time

So that he has total control over his spouse, the mythomaniac will constantly devalue you and belittle you, whether in private or in public. And this, in order to make you lose confidence in yourself.

He manifests it with small offensive remarks which often go unnoticed during the seduction phase. After a while, they become more and more frequent.

Conversely, some liars are able to hide their true character for a very long time and show themselves as a man ready to commit.

A circumstance such as the marriage or the birth of the first child will then serve as a trigger. Will follow thereafter the denigration and humiliation full time of their spouse.

The manipulator in love is very jealous and isolates his victim

As he has the right to everything and you do not, the narcissistic pervert cannot bear the fact that you are in contact with other people, or close to another person other than him. As a weapon, he will blame you for not paying enough attention to him, while constantly criticizing you. You will end up getting bored and ask your friends or relatives not to contact you.

However, he uses this technique to isolate you and then have his total control over you, so that no other person prevents him from doing his dirty work. In addition, he will not hesitate to tell nasty things about you to everyone, or vice versa, will make you doubt the honesty and kindness of your friends.

How to free yourself from a manipulator?

By deciding to stay with a liar , you will probably suffer all your life, because a narcissistic pervert will never change. Here are some tips to help you get rid of them:

– Have the audacity to leave it permanently;
– Rebuild your self-esteem;
– Stay away from him by gradually distancing yourself;
– Resume contact with your relatives and friends;
– Prepare mentally so as not to get depressed after separation.