Love will find you when you are really ready to welcome it

It is said that when we are in love, we see butterflies and rainbows – our beloved becomes the center of our universe, our reason for living.

We think we can overcome all the hardships that life will put in our way as long as we are together, and we have the impression that the planets have entered into perfect alignment – well, we can say that our life is complete .

When we love, we give everything – because we were told that this is how we should love. It is said that true love is measured by the quantity of things that one can do for the good of the other; that one must accede to all his desires and make sure to offer him all the attention he or she “deserves”.

What if love was not really so?

What if after all the sacrifices made and all the reassuring gestures offered – these feelings were still not reciprocal? What if this love that you thought was real was in fact only the fruit of your imagination, of the wave of emotions that assailed you? You’d end up hurt because of the hopes that were yours – of the hope that maybe you both felt the same way.

It’s a nightmare – it can destroy the most innocent, the most pure-hearted. It can drive the sweetest people mad – furious because of all the “whys” in their heads; alone with questions that will remain forever unanswered, because the loved one has chosen someone else.

It can lead people to be more careful – being wary of the intentions of everyone who approaches; fearing that by committing, they will reap only pain, sorrow and nights of loneliness.

Love doesn’t just bring smiles – it’s a fact, especially when the one we love doesn’t love us in return.

Love only comes to those who are ready to accept it, not to those who think they need it.

And you should never let your past misfortunes lead you to stop believing in love – you can take a break, but never stop. No matter how many heartbreaks you experience, you must love. Don’t let sorrows taint your faith in love and your chance for a happy ending.

We don’t always end up with the one we love, it’s true. But it’s just the universe that signals to us that there exists somewhere, someone who is truly made for us – that our past sorrows were perhaps only a preparation for this impending love which is made for last.