Love: 10 signs that you found the right person

In the first stages of a relationship, we reveal ourselves only in our best light. So it is easy to believe that we have met our soul mate. Then, we quickly become disillusioned. However, to know if you have finally found the right one, there are certain signs.

1 – You are laughing like whales

After all these years spent together, you know his jokes and his humor by heart. And ditto on his side. It may have bored you, but it isn’t. You both still laugh out loud at the slightest opportunity. And even that you ask for more.

2 – You are natural with him

The blow of the girl who puts her alarm clock an hour earlier every morning so that her man knows it only with a breath Colgate and blushed cheeks, it is a little light year from you. At the same time, this ritual is not tenable over the (very) long term. And knowing that he loves you even when you apply wax to your mustache is pretty reassuring. The same obviously goes for him. Anyway, he never intended to make you think he smelled good.

3 – You consider him your best friend

Of course, you always have your group of girlfriends to whom you entrust everything. But your everyday confidant is your guy. Whether it’s to get him drunk with your job stories or tell him the important things in your life, you tell him everything. Sometimes even a little too much for his taste.

4 – You argue from time to time (and it doesn’t matter)

We say that the argument is healthy for the couple and in addition, it is often settled on the pillow so it would be frankly a shame to deprive yourself of screaming and emptying of the bag if in addition, it symbolizes the strength of your union.

5 – He has the potential of a future super dad

Between the attention he pays you and his incredible popularity rating with other kids, you tell yourself that this man would make an excellent father. And that’s good, you see yourself completely having children with him.

6 – You love him despite his faults

When you love someone, you learn to accept their faults, however unbearable they are. And, on days of weakness, remember that he does the same with yours. Indeed, you would be surprised to learn that before you, he could never have imagined sharing his life with a (adorable) complainer.

7 – Your parents love him

Sometimes you wonder if your parents wouldn’t dream of embracing it so much they praise it. His build, his humor, his job … In their eyes, he is perfect and everything is subject to flattery. So much so that you happen to be on the verge of jealousy, aware nonetheless that her ideal gender is good for the future of your couple.

8 – You still make love

It’s easy to make love 40 times a week in the early days. After several years, doing it at least four times a month is already frankly. Especially with the abstinence rate that prevails around.

9 – You make lots of projects together

Apart, travel, babies, PACS or marriage, you plan for two. The proof, you just freed him from a drawer of your dresser.

10 – You can’t imagine spending your life without him

To summarize, you cannot imagine spending the rest of your life without your man because you know, deep down, that this time, you got the right number!

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