Let’s play! – The 3 best games for couples

Well, got
the heaters turned up yet? The cold months have arrived and make sure that the
blanket and Netflix become our leisure companions. As comfortable as it sounds
at first, it gets boring after a few weeks at the latest. But what can you do
against the winter monotony that can even overtake your partner and you, even
though you are wrapped in warm blankets and hiding from it? Why don’t you play
together again?


There are
millions of parlor games on this planet, but very few are aimed at people who
share a bed. More and more game developers are recognizing this niche and so
over time, some interesting card games have emerged that can give you the one
or other nice, exciting and maybe even a thrilling evening.

I have tried
the following games on living objects myself and found them to be good. I have
received all the games free of charge.


best-known representative of the couples’ card games is Vertellis.  Vertelli’s is not a direct question-answer
game but creates a real conversation. This is due to the special questioning
technique that Vertellis uses. The partner is not supposed to present his
answer to the drawn question card, but to consider what answer the other person
would give to this question. Example: What would you miss most about your
partner if you could not see him for 6 months? Now the interviewee does not
think about his or her answer, but about the answer, he or she would expect to
hear if the questioner had to answer. If she/he is right with her/his
assumption, there is a point.


You have
been with your partner for a while and feel your creativity in dating ideas is
completely exhausted? Then I recommend the card game Up Date. It is not a game
in the real sense, but rather a source of inspiration. If one of you would like
to “set up” a date, you play the date card. Then you choose the
location for your date. Now that you know where you will spend your
day/evening, there is only one task and one challenge left. The task is done
together, the challenge is something like a hidden mission. The first one to
complete it first wins. To make sure you have enough to talk about, there are
conversation cards available, which bring easy as well as more intensive
relationship topics and questions to the table.

By the way:
In December you can find Up to Date at a reduced price on Amazon.

3. TELL ME –

This game is
one of my favorite memories. I played it with my sweetheart while we were
deeply relaxed on vacation and spent the evening cuddled up in bed. On the Say
Times cards, many funny, intimate but also revealing questions are written
down, which should be asked of the partner. Sag mal can also be used for
long-term relationships, as not only standard questions are dealt with here,
but profound conversations are triggered. Thumbs up!

Well? Have
you ever felt like trying out one of these games for couples? If you have any
questions about individual card games, please contact me! And now: Let’s Play!