Keeping Your Marriage Hot in Winter

A friend of mine quipped recently that she hadn’t really been “swimsuit-ready” last summer, but she was nailing being “sweater-ready” for fall and winter. I laughed because I can totally identify! Winter seems to bring out my inner homely gal: living in shapeless, stretchy sweaters, eating comfort foods, and moving leg shaving and pedicures way down the priority list.

The problem with my winter vibe is that it can also stamp out some of the romance in my marriage. Not because my husband thinks I’m not pretty but because I don’t feel pretty. Feeling attractive is a major piece of the puzzle for many women when it comes to desiring intimacy and, after several weeks of the low-maintenance winter routine, I feel about as hot as an Eskimo’s nose.

But you can keep your marriage hot in winter by keeping an eye on your style, your date night game plan, and your desire to stay connected to your man. With just a little intention, that log on the fire won’t be able to compete with all the sparks coming off of you!

1. Keep up with your regular fitness routines.

We know: It gets dark earlier, it’s cold out—there are lots of good reasons to just skip it. But staying in shape has lots of benefits that can pay off in your marriage during the cold months. You feel better, you look better, and some research even points to a link between regular exercise and increased libido. Win, win, win.

2. Try some of our winter date night ideas.

Take advantage of the calendar and try out one of these ideas to spark some holiday romance. Or maybe one of these holiday dates would be just the thing!

3. Be comfy, not sloppy.

My desire for winter warmth and comfort can often bleed over into looking like a mess. This year, let’s try some fitted layers that still have shape and tailoring, rather than the endless carousel of tunics and boxy fleece pullovers. God gave us curves for a reason, ladies!

4. Pamper yourself.

We know you probably don’t keep up the routine of regular pedis and such when your feet never see the light of day, but a little pampering throughout the long cold winter can keep you looking and feeling attractive. Indulge in a beauty treatment here or there to maintain a little sizzle in the snow.

5. Make your home a haven for your man.

When the two of you make it back to the castle at the end of a long, cold day, having some order and a warm meal can soothe away tension and help you connect to one another. Enlist your kids to help keep the household tidy, and try one of Susan’s Sunday Suppers (all of the recipes are easy and delish!) to make dinner time a low stress time to reconnect. When the kids are in bed, be intentional about investing in one another, even if it’s just cuddling together on the sofa for a bit. {Tweet This}

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