Is this the man of my life? Signs that prove he’s the man of your life

Throughout your life, you will cross paths with certain people who will give you the impression of knowing them for an eternity, and with whom you will share a deep connection. Whether you believe in soul mates, or just hope they exist, there are signs that rarely deceive and will assure you that you have found one! If so, don’t lose sight of it! Is this the man of my life? Here is a small list of signs that show that you have found the love of your life.

These signs that you have found your soul mate

You are able to know what the other is thinking just by looking at yourself.

He / She helps you to surpass yourself on a daily basis.

You are not even able to remember what your life was like before you met it … And besides, you do not want it at all!

He / She knows exactly what to do to soothe you when you are upset, help you get rid of your stress when you are anxious, and make you smile when things go wrong.

He / She also knows exactly how to annoy you …

… But don’t have fun doing it!

Even after years spent together, you share the same bond, the same chemistry.

You are fully at ease when you are with each other.

When you spend time away from each other, you always have a thousand things to say to each other when you find yourself.

You have the impression of knowing each other since always … Even if it is sometimes far from being the case!

You obviously do not agree on everything, but on the subjects that matter, you are on the same wavelength, that’s for sure!

The bond that unites you sometimes seems strange to those around you, who do not always understand that you are so accomplices.

His family is yours, your family is his.

You don’t want to look elsewhere, he/she already seems to have everything you need/want.

You share your joys and sorrows: you laugh when he/she laughs, you cry when he/she cries.

He/she is in your thoughts at least once a day.

All these strange little habits and fads that you have, he/she adores them, and it is very mutual!

You are helping each other to become a better person.

Whatever attitude you have in the presence of this person, he or she loves you for what you are.

You support each other in the pursuit of your dreams, even if they were completely different.

You form a beautiful pair, a real team, a nice duo.

Deep down, you feel it intimately, it’s him/She.

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