If They Do Any Of These 8 Things, It’s Not Love, It’s Obsession

We forget that there are tons of other things in this life that we can confuse for love and which, because of this, lead to many toxic situations. Obsessive partners and those who manipulate or abuse us don’t like us, and we need to be aware of this. If your partner treats you like property rather than an address, the person you are is probably not the right one for you.

Knowing the difference between obsession and love may seem difficult, but it is much easier than it appears. Love can have ups and downs, but it doesn’t leave you feeling stuck with someone who is against you. Below, I will go over some of the signs that your man may not be as sensitive to you as you think, he may just be obsessed with the idea of ​​having you as his.

(He does these things to control you not because he loves you.)

8 signs that he’s not as much in love as you think:
1. They don’t respect your limits, especially around other people.

We all have to have limits with the people in our lives. If your partner ignores your limits and pushes you in front of the others after having already solved the problem, he does not love you. He wants to be in control and likes to have his status clearly defined before you.

2. They are very intense, to say the least.
He and his “love” are not what you expect. Things are much more intense than they should be and it puts you in danger. You can’t keep letting that sort of thing happen.

3. They are way too demanding on you and your attention.
He may seem like a loving person who just wants to be with you, but it goes beyond that. It is so demanding that you rarely have time for someone or anything else. You should also be able to live your life.

4. They are quick to threaten to hurt you or harm you if things turn south.

When you try to break your plans or even cut ties with them altogether, they are quick to say that they will hurt you or themselves in order to make you stay. They will do everything to put you back on their side and make you feel uncomfortable trying to leave. This is a serious handling problem that you should not allow yourself to control.

5. They are always jealous of the people you are closest to.
You can’t spend time with people you normally would because he is too jealous. He panics when you are alone with someone other than him and always makes a big deal. It’s like he doesn’t know how to trust you or someone else.

6. They always take the worst and mess it up.
Whenever you don’t answer quickly or are busy, it assumes that you are cheating or doing something with someone else. He jumps into the worst scenarios and goes wild because of it. He sometimes presents himself without warning and puts everything into an argument.

7. They always explode your phone when you are separated.

When you are away from it, it sends SMS and calls you non-stop. You cannot make the most of your free time because he wants you to be on the phone. Of course, a simple registration is enough, but it goes beyond expectations.

8. They never give you time alone, even when you really need it.
Whether you’re exhausted and need space, or just frustrated and need a moment, you’ll never have time alone. It is always glued to you like glue and for many reasons it drives you crazy. This should not be tolerated, we all need our space.