I can’t get the men I want: where is the problem?

You manage to meet many men but the one you like always escapes you? Does your love life come down to a succession of short stories? You do not understand why it works for others but not for you?

No, love is not reserved for an elite. You too have the opportunity to live a happy sentimental life. In terms of seduction, you have to take into account the issue of a meeting when you like a man. Because as a woman, you tend to want to control everything and often overdo it.

Discover our advice to put into practice a good game of seduction and finally conclude with THIS man who attracts you so much.

Take the one that suits you

The married life, we run all behind. We want to find happiness, come home with a smile, build a family, and much more. And today, with all the means to meet people, you are constantly on the lookout for your “prince charming”.

Unfortunately, you are so obsessed with finding the right one that you are ready to start a serious relationship with the one who shows up without taking the time to ask yourself the right questions.

Let’s start together by taking stock: What qualities do you look for in a man? What couple of relationship do you envisage? What complications have you encountered in the past?

Remember that before you are happy together, you must be alone. Then think of building your life so that you only have to SELECT the perfect man!

Take your time!

Seduction is a game and you should make the most of it. Why not let several appointments pass before concluding? You are generally in a great hurry to be able to rush through a first meeting and finish the game of seduction.

However, it is important to learn how to discover a man, test him, reveal his personality to him, and above all seduce him to make him lose his mind! It is the same process as for s**x life, if you do not take the time to do foreplay, the act is always less intense. Seduction is not to be left aside and it allows you for once to manage the situation so as not to experience a new disillusionment a few days later. I guarantee you, you will no longer hear “I’m still thinking of my ex” …

By being in a relationship with a man whom you know very little, you increase your chances of breakups, so take your time and above all take advantage of each moment that you are going to live with him to forget your doubts and let go of your personality.

Seducing is staying yourself

Come on, put yourself in a situation, you’re at a party, you meet someone you like, you put all your assets on your side and start to seduce him. The only catch, you make it too miss! Yes, you even become another person, your friends would not even recognize you! A big problem, you leave your naturalness aside and you give a false image of yourself.

Believe it or not but this kind of behavior quickly drives away the one you are trying to court! A word of advice, stay yourself, this gentleman in front of you must appreciate yourself for what you really are, you will avoid giving a false image of yourself and he will be much more confident. Already that it is complicated for a man to approach and to seduce so imagine yourself if he contemplates you as the perfect woman, he will never dare to court you.

The advantage of staying yourself is that in addition to finding yourself physically attractive, he will appreciate you for your personality. And there you will have won everything!

Do not be drawn to the forbidden!

Since you want “all men”, the same goes for married men, your boss, or simply those who are in a relationship. Why does the ban attract you so much? You need to prove to yourself that you like it and it is a challenge also with other women. But in the end, don’t you think you are falling into a form of sentimental depression?

If you want to forbid it too much, you often burn your wings and it is then complex to find a thrilling seduction!

This is the right time to overcome your doubts about seduction and tell you that the men who attract you can match you but that you have all your time to seduce them and that you must first learn to value your assets!

Do not hesitate to share your best tips to seduce the men who attract you while keeping your personality intact!

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