Hula Hoop Trivia Quiz

The month of June is more than just the start of summer; it’s the month when three great things were invented: Hula Hoops, donuts and basketballs. And, believe it or not, motherhood has something in common with each one—it can keep you spinning, like a Hula Hoop. It teaches you to bounce back, like a basketball. And it is oh so sweet, like a donut.

The Hula Hoop is one of three great inventions created in the month of June.

(Correct answers appear in bold)

1. When was the Hula Hoop was introduced?

1927, 1958, or 1978

2. How much did the Hula Hoop cost when it first came out?

$1.98, 79 cents, $3.35

3. How many Hula Hoops sold in the first six months?

57,000, 20 million, 3 million

4. What company is the main manufacturer of the Hula Hoop?

Mattel, Wham-O, Amazon

5. What is the world record for the number of Hula Hoops spun at one time by one person?

105, 57, 211