How to Write the Love Letter Every Husband Wants to Receive

How’s your day going? Can you get the kids from school today? What time are you getting home?  Texting is a great way to stay in touch with our husbands and to figure out family logistics. And while it can also be a fun and effective way to share romantic thoughts, it still can’t measure up to the impact of a handwritten love letter to your husband. Too much pressure to hand write a letter? Send an email.

What can you say in a love letter that won’t come across as too mushy or too cliche? Lots, and you don’t have to be a skilled writer to write words that will touch his heart. Here are the steps I use when writing a love letter to my husband.

Start strong.

Go right to what matters most. Does he love it when you tell him how hot he is? Then lay it on thick. Does he take great pride in providing for his family? Thank him profusely. Let him know right off the bat that you’re tuned in to what makes him tick.

Get specific.

Go beyond how “nice” and “strong” he is. Think back to something he did for you and tell him how it made you feel. Zero in on one of his most outstanding traits and share how that part of him has made a difference in your life–even something like noticing what he’s repaired around the house will help him feel appreciated. If he’s the rock you depend on, give an example of a time that quality was evident.

Impact statement.

Write about the difference he has made in your life. If you can’t imagine your life without your husband, make sure he knows. {Tweet This} Has he made you a better person? Tell him. Has he taught you life lessons by the way he’s lived his life? Enumerate them.

Lavish him with love.

Use the words that flow out of your heart in describing how much you love him. If you have private jokes or romantic moments that illustrate the depths of your love, share them now. Need more ideas? Here are 10 things husbands want to hear from their wives.

Pledge your fidelity.

Close your letter by telling him that you are devoted to him for the rest of your life. Let him know that you will be there for him no matter what the future holds. And if you’re giving him the letter at the end of the day, mention that you can’t wait to see him that night.

What else would you say in a love letter to your husband?