How to recognize the ideal man?

Ah, love … a notion as universal as it is personal. Everyone could describe it in their own words without having two identical definitions. One thing is certain, ladies, you are looking for the man of your dreams: the one who meets your requirements, combining charm, humor, sincerity, and charisma. But how do you find this rare pearl? How can you be sure it is him when he shows up?

To help you, we could start by listing some of the character traits inherent in being a gentleman. Here are some tips to distinguish the right pick from the flirtation of an evening! On the way!

1. The ideal man shares your values

To imagine living a life with a man, he needs more than a devastating charm or a glance of embers. What you are looking for is someone who shares your vision of everyday life and with whom you can build a peaceful future.

Questions like the desire to have children or not, differences in religious or cultural beliefs or even the vision of the financial organization can indeed shake the strongest couples.

The ideal man then appears as one who will respect your choices, share your desires and your concerns. If the material point of view and the feelings are not evaluated in the same way, it goes without saying that too strong a difference of opinion on crucial points can in the long term harm your relationship.

2. The ideal man is attractive

Obviously the seducer who will be able to blow the lock of your heart corresponds to your type of man, but with a little something more.

This little “trick” is indefinable … some will speak of alchemy, others of the spark … whatever this feeling alone defines your assurance of being in the presence of the man in your life.

Seeing him fills you with joy, your legs tremble and you sweat like a schoolgirl on her Bac day… Signs that don’t deceive anyone: you are in love!

3. The ideal man is your best friend

The man of your dreams is more than a flirt. He is the one who makes you laugh, cheers you up, and shares all of your little hassles of everyday life. “For better or for worse” … a sentence that takes on its full meaning.

A sincere and powerful bond unites you and you know that you will never be alone again. This relationship is indescribable to anyone outside. You have found one who will never abandon you.

4. Love is unconditional

If the first months of a romance are always incredible, it’s in the long run that you will realize the value of your other half.

Accepting the faults of the other and solidarity in the face of adversity are part of everyday life and nothing seems to be able to change what you experience for each other.

5. Between you, there is more than a s**x story (even if it is amazing)

S**xual relations are sometimes passionate, sometimes beastly, but that is absolutely not enough to define your relationship. You are as comfortable in the bedroom as watching a good DVD on a Sunday evening.
The excitement does not come from the simple act of making love, but much more from the compatibility which exists between your two people. There is no taboo between you, and that’s probably what makes your intercourse so electric (from the preliminaries to the act itself).

6. You have a lot in common

It seems that opposites attract … In reality, this rarely gives a stable mixture over time. You and your ideal man have so much in common that you happen to think the same thing at the same time. You are complementary and this allows a perfect everyday agreement.
Your journeys are not necessarily similar, but you have often had to overcome the same type of obstacles forging you a relatively similar character. In fact, the ideal man is a bit like you in a male body.

7. The true face of the ideal man makes you cr*ck

Social pressure and professional imperatives mean that everyone must play a role in finding their place in society. These constraints fade once out of sight, our true personality resurfaces.
That of the man in your life touches you and makes you even more in love with him. You love everything about him: from his facial expressions to his tics of language. In short, you find him adorable and this is preponderant in your life as a couple.

There is no concrete definition of the ideal man in that his perception varies according to your personality and your own identity. That said, if there is one point that did not escape you from reading this article, it is that with it, you will feel radiant and that you will not have to justify your choices or your thoughts. In summary, the ideal man is the one who will allow you to flourish and who will give a new meaning to your life!