How to recognize a man in love who truly hides his feelings?

Very often, men find it difficult to show their feelings and to express what they feel … Afraid of ridicule? To pass for a sensitive? To be judged? Anyway, one thing is certain: it can be problematic when you are trying to determine if you caught the eye of this charming guy! So how do you recognize a man in love who hides his feelings? Here is something to help you determine if you really like it or not !!

He devours you with your eyes

Perhaps he does it in a more or less discreet way … The eyes are the windows of the soul! Indeed, they often say more than words or any other gesture! So if you catch him smiling when he looks at you. Or simply that he throws you insistent glances which he believes to be discreet, it is that you surely caught his eye! Or on the contrary, intimidated or shy, he will not dare to look you in the face and will turn away very quickly when you look at him … Do not start to see signs everywhere! But if he shows you interest, you will inevitably realize it at some point. As long as you are observant.

He multiplies the small attention

You are not in a relationship, and yet it multiplies the little attentions? Whether they are material (chocolates, flowers, little words, for an occasion or not!) Or not (compliments, SMS, an outstretched hand …), these attentions can take many forms! And may be due only to the fact that you are just a good friend for him … But if they are frequent, recurrent, and that you have the impression of a real “preferential treatment” compared to his others friend, so that’s a great sign! And be sure that if they are interested, you will notice it. This is probably his way of showing you that he is interested in you and that he loves you! It is sometimes easier for some people to communicate through this kind of roundabout attention rather than telling the person directly that they love him …

He has affectionate gestures

We can link them to the category of small attentions: affectionate gestures are an excellent emotional barometer! Be careful, the absence of gestures does not mean that he does not love you. Some people are simply more tactile than others. It sometimes takes time for some people to dare to do even a few harmless gestures. Otherwise, a hand placed on the shoulder or the hip, a hand that touches your elbow, your hair, a prolonged kiss on the cheek … These are all signs that show your interest in you!

Be careful however: these gestures can testify to its physical attraction for you, but do not always mean that the feelings are present! So make sure he doesn’t just spend his time looking at your neckline or your bottom!

He can be even more withdrawn with you than with others

He who seems so playful and communicative, as soon as you find yourself alone, he hangs, and closes as quickly as an oyster? As for the look, if it puts distance between him and you, it is possible that it is because you like him! Anyway, in the other case, that where, for some reason X he fled you, his attitude will certainly be more than eloquent …

You like him, so he runs away and shut himself up as soon as he is with you: it may seem paradoxical! But it is quite simply that he is less comfortable, that he is afraid of losing his means, or of not being up to it, so he adopts this protective ability. Or he doesn’t want you to realize his feelings and he adopts this tactic in order to cover the tracks … If the attraction is mutual, it’s up to you to send him signs so that he realizes that he has a chance to start a great story with you!

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