How to overcome dependence on toxic relationships?

Are you addicted to toxic relationships?

As I express in my video at the bottom of this article, some people can be addicted to chaos, which can be just as harmful as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. These individuals love what can be called the unpredictable insured, which means that inconsistency is the only constant in the lives of these people.

“Chaos is not the problem; what matters is how long it takes to find consistency. ”
– Childre & Bruce Cryer

While it’s good to get out of your ruts a little and spice up your life from time to time, chaos in all its forms is very unstable and not really sustainable in the long run. Imagine, when you take a step, you are in a phase of imbalance before finding it quickly.

Chaos can take many forms. This can include disorderly behavior, mood swings, or getting caught up in other people’s problems (which is often a way of not facing your own).

Take a step back and think about what can cause you to cause or continue this chaos if you live a lot in your life.

Try to get away from the chaos of others. It doesn’t necessarily mean removing these people from your life, it just means that you should resist the need to get involved in the turmoil and scenes around you.

It is impossible to have real consistency in your life if you continue to flirt with chaos. You should make up your mind not to give in to chaos, just as you made the decision to find more consistency.

If toxic relationships are right for you, keep doing the same, your results will always be the same, it’s your responsibility. Did you make the same mistake twice? It’s your choice to live a toxic relationship.

I send you strength!