How to make him crazy About you?

Are you crazy about your boyfriend and you want it to be mutual?

Here are some keys to touch it right in the heart:

1. Make Him shine

A man needs to be everything for you so pretend that there is only him on earth. When he speaks, devour him with his eyes and be attentive to him.

Speak only positive words, negative words or negative feelings are to be banished. Speak clearly and be direct. A man hates cowardice, flight, or any lukewarmness from a woman.

Anything that arouses in him negative emotions is to be avoided. You need to reflect its light, not its shadow. Make him confident and confident.

Call him by the pretty names he loves (my love, my heart, etc), praise him endlessly and he will shine by your side!

2. Lyrics lyrics lyrics…

Spend time talking together. Dialogue is fundamental to get to know the other, to know what makes him happy… Likewise, a man has a vital need to speak in order to spread his energy, to feel confident, to talk about his moods.

Listening and support are necessary for him to feel loved and respected.

It is just as important to speak, just for the pleasure of speaking… and to communicate your joy of being together.

Remind him of your best memories together (men love it!). Evoke your future. Joke, smile and laugh.

3. Love Him through your gestures

It is essential to show a man that you love him, by words, but also by gestures! What you do more easily … but be careful not to do it anyhow!

Show him physically that you care for him, by linking speech to gesture.

For example: Hug him and tell him: “I love being with you”, “I like to hug you”, “my darling” …

To make it melt more, do this when it is not expecting it too much, when it is shopping or when it is back to you, put yourself behind it then surround it by the waist with your arms, give him a little kiss on the neck and whisper in his ear “I love to take you in my arms …”

Another thing: offer him a massage. Boys love massages! Nothing like it to show him your desire while being attentive to his and to savor the ascension of your respective sensuality.

The must: Offer him to hug against you without asking him to make love.

Most of the time, in a bed, the man assimilates the connection with the s**xual act because it is what happens (thus, you show him that in a bed, you do not think of him only to satisfy your desires ).

Thanks to this you will strengthen your power of attraction with your boyfriend … You must let desire rise in him instead of rushing him. Not only will it reassure him but in addition, he will tell himself that she is really lucky…

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