How to live happily with your husband?

It’s the crazy love between the two of you, but sometimes you wonder. Is my couple okay? Do I feel like my marriage is no longer working? How can I be happy with my husband? How to live happily with my husband? To be happy as a couple, you must first talk about it and show him your love. You can also read our three articles: how do I know if I still like itHow to live happily as a couple? And the 15 mistakes to avoid absolutely when you want the relationship to last.

My happy couple: I love you, I love you, I love you

 ” I love you I love you I love you ” . A happy couple is a couple who say to themselves “I am happy with you”. You have to know how to talk about her fears or her anxieties to her husband, he also married you for that.

To be happy with her husband, it sometimes takes an effort within the couple. Remind him of the good times you spent together, the last romantic trips, the last big madness between the two of you. Show him that you love him every day you spend with him.

Because, as Victor Hugo said to Juliette Drouet: ”  You have to love yourself, and then you have to tell yourself, and then you have to write it, and then you have to kiss on your mouth, on your eyes and elsewhere. ”

Don’t wait for him to guess your thoughts

Many wives blame their husbands for not understanding them enough. This is often a two-way communication problem within the couple. Your husband can’t guess it’s wrong if you don’t tell him clearly. So avoid smearing or showing him that you are not doing well without telling him why.

Accept that he is not like you

You’ve been together for several years, but you tend to forget why you liked it. Today, you see more what diverges between you than what brings you together. Your strength is precisely here! Don’t wait for him to change because it won’t happen. Especially since the character traits tend to pronounce more over time. For example, if your husband is a homebody, then he will be even more so twenty years later.

Never count the points

Count the points, just as blaming will not solve anything, on the contrary! This will clearly worsen the situation. What is the point of telling him that you did the dishes, changed your baby and cooked when he did nothing? It is not by assaulting him that you will find comfort and support. If you find, for example, that the sharing of tasks is not fair, point it out through non-violent communication. For example ”  Cabbage, I would like you to do the dishes more often so that I can have time to … “.

Vary everyday

Have you been living with your companion for several years and the daily routine is present? More outings, endless evenings in front of the sofa, a lack that sets in? Break the routineIn a couple, you have to know how to change your daily lifeVary the activities or outings! Your darling is a football fan but you are not having a cup of tea at all, make concessions, offer to watch a game with him. You are not too fan of his circle of friends and it weighs in your relationship? Organize a small evening with his friends.

After all you like it, right? A happy couple is a couple who understand each other, for example when you cuddle under the duvet why not realize one of their fantasies? He will certainly appreciate the little gesture. Because yes, we must also break the routine in bed!

Don’t ask trick questions …

We all know all these famous trick questions in the couple. Style ”  From a strictly physical point of view do you prefer Scarlett Johansson or me, honestly?”  What good is it to ask these kinds of questions apart from starting yet another sterile argument?

No “stupid” questions

Men (just like women for that matter) hate questions that do not await an answer or for which the answer is obvious! Like ”  Did you love me more before or now?”  ”  Why are we making less love than before?” “. By asking this kind of question you make him guilty of a certain frustration at home which will not make him want to show you more affection.

Living happily with her husband is also a long-term exercise.  Organize daily meetings every week, a moment just for the two of you, it’s a good idea to find yourself.