How to keep your man forever

Nothing is impossible in love, certainly, the task is not easy to remain the one and only in the heart of your pet but not impossible! For this, we will see how your pet sees love to better adapt.

Love seen by your pet

You have to find the happy medium between the affection you bring him every day and the challenge. In fact, if you give it too much attention, it will take you for granted and that’s when it gets tired.

You must, therefore, remain the femme fatale that you were at the start of your relationship.

To keep your pet constantly looking to seduce you, please you and make you fall in love there are three little rules:

  1. No emotional dependence
  2. Stay a free woman
  3. Don’t expect a perfect relationship

The good question is: how do you make him happy by your side?

It will be important for you to understand the desires of your pet. You do not necessarily have the same expectations, the same interests but it does not matter, what is important is to be both fulfilled. It is not only your wishes or yours that must be a priority but rather to find a compromise so that everyone does what he really likes.

For your pet to be happy, it will need to share experiences, so I can advise you to innovate and take it to do activities that it will never have done. It is also important to let him take initiatives concerning the outings, he needs to manage the organization, by doing this, he takes the first step and this will strengthen your presence in his mind.

Love is not an exact science but there are little rules to keep in mind so that your pet is always so in love.

Rule 1: Be grateful and show it to him

When your pet does something for you, it is important to show him that his action affects you. You must also prove to him that you are delighted to share your daily life with him.

Rule 2: Take advantage of the present moments

The more you share good times together, the more you will be invested in your relationship for both. To really enjoy the good times you need to distance yourself to keep a certain balance in your relationship.

Rule 3: communicate

It is important to chat if you have a problem rather than blame yourself on each other. Try to understand why you are in this situation by asking questions. To have as much information as possible and then be able to find a solution to your problem.

Rule 4: spice up your daily life

To make your pet even more in love, you will have to let your desires speak and not be afraid to innovate in your relationship, whether in bed or in life. You must be open to taking initiatives on your side as his own. You can test new positions or test a new kitchen 

Rules 5: don’t ask yourself too many questions

Do not pollute your mind with many questions that will ruin your life. For this, you must take life as it comes and not prevent your pet from going out with his friends for fear of losing him, on the contrary! By adopting this attitude, you risk suffocating him … and making him flee.

Rule 6: become her confidante

Your pet is also looking for a friend in his wife. You can become his confidante by supporting him in difficult moments that he will only share with you.

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