How to keep a man?

The question that kills! Each of you will no doubt have your own little “house secrets” or miracle recipe to keep your man as long as possible and make him happy. Does it work well? No doubt, but the rub is that you can never really know what your partner is thinking deep down.

This is why today, we will focus our attention on the little things to do and which you don’t necessarily think about, to prevent your darling from being tempted to look elsewhere! After all, the man with the reputation of being fickle, and if each person is different, we can still say that there is never smoke without fire.

So for you ladies, here is finally the ultimate guide to keep your man!

1. What women think

When you ask women point-blank what the best techniques are for keeping a man, you find that some answers keep coming back. Among the latter, we find the development of an active (even very active) s**x life, the ability to be “the best friend” of his man, the adaptation to his personality (give him the space he needs), or even the acceptance to ignore certain commercial holidays such as Valentine’s Day in order to prove to him that venality is excluded from the relationship.

One thing is certain, to make someone happy, you have to be confident and develop your zest for life. The radiance of your happiness largely affects your relationship. No man wants a hot temper as a partner.

A confident and charismatic woman who does not need anyone to advance in life is the s**xiest of women. So to keep your man, show him that you manage on your own! He will be impressed to see you manage daily life without blithely complaining and will quickly run to offer his help of himself! A happy man is a man who is not under too much pressure.

2. What not to do if you want to keep your man

Most men find it difficult to tolerate tears, especially if they are systematic and intended to make them feel guilty. This doesn’t mean you can’t be sad or in a bad mood, but remember that what you want is to admire your other half and show them that you are strong and independent.

If your man comes to console you, invites you to a restaurant, or tries to show you support by any means, note that this will deserve a reciprocal action. Not in order to buy his feelings, but in order to keep love and a strong mutual understanding and to show him that you are aware of his efforts.

3. What men think

If we ask men what the perfect woman would be, then again, certain characteristics stand out in priority: we realize that men are looking for a s**xually fulfilled and enterprising woman, who makes them feel important, who is not hysterical, and which gives them the freedom to see their friends and to have leisure activities perceived as male (watching football matches, playing poker, riding a motorbike…).
S**xuality is a very important part of keeping a man. If this aspect of your relationship is problematic, then you can eliminate any other reason for your couple’s malfunction. Men look for a partner with whom to fulfill their fantasies and who is not stuck.

Make no mistake, you will not pass for a girl of joy by letting yourself go with your partner. Her goal is not to flaunt her private life, but to enhance the attraction and excitement between you!

4. Give importance to your man to keep him

Manhood is a feeling that makes man wanting to feel like a king in his castle. Show him (or make him believe) that he is the boss of the place and that you are not influenced by the feminist wave hitting our society.

After all, it costs you nothing and you will quickly see the positive fallout from such behavior: soon he will praise the sky for having fallen on a woman so understanding and devoted!

The key to happiness

You now know the keys to happiness: a fulfilled and assumed s**x life, the absence of too much pressure on your partner’s shoulders, the avoidance of scenes of drama or other crises of hysteria …
In short, be this super girl we won’t want to give up! Keep in mind that a long-term relationship is made up of compromise and honesty. Treat your man like your best friend and you will be sure to keep him forever!

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